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New 'Invitation Lists' Make It Even Easier to Manage Events

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

Event planning just got easier! We’ve added new features to help you track your events and guest lists.

The Basics on How the Invitation Manager Works

  1. Create an event
  2. Send your eCard invitations
  3. Track your responses 
What's New? Invitation Lists!
  • No matter how many individual eCard invitations you send, the people you've invited are now in one consolidated Invitation List.

  • Even if you delete an invitation eCard, you will still see a list of the people that originally picked it up.

  • If you delete a person's response, the Invitation List will record those changes and treat the guest as having not yet responded.

  • You can send a follow up eCard to the people on your invitation list that did not pick up the invitation eCard or to those that did not respond.
For detailed step-by-step instructions, refer to our Invitation Manager tutorial.

How Invitations Work with Other CorpNote Features

  • If a Quicksend eCard has an event associated with it, then the eCard recipient will be added to the invitation list.

  • If you schedule an eCard to be sent on a later date and it has an event associated with it, then the eCard recipient will be added to the invitation list.

  • When sending a follow up eCard from the manage responses page, an eCard is created for you with all of the selected recipients. It is stored in your 'Saved eCards' where you can now edit the eCard and add additional recipients if desired.

How do you access your Invitation List?

Go to Invitations > Manage Events. You will see the 'Invitation List' button next to your events.

Important Note about the new Invitation List feature:
Events created prior to July 11, 2012 will not display the button for the 'Invitation List.' The invitation list only contains people who were sent an eCard with the event link after July 11, 2012.

As always, we welcome your questions, comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact CorpNote at 609-406-1665 or send us an email. 


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