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Keeping it Private!

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

It’s no secret that social media, online shopping and search engines carefully track and record your online behavior. Online privacy and confidentiality have become the exception, not the norm, and websites routinely ask you to sign away your rights when you agree to their online terms of use.

CorpNote was built on the principal that the web can be used to conduct business, with minimal invasion of privacy and maximum customer service. In other words, it’s important that our members and their guests be comfortable with our policies, and trust our technology and our employees. We continue to strive to make CorpNote functional without being invasive.

The biggest privacy question we are asked is, “what do you do with my contacts’ information?” The short answer is ‘nothing.’ It’s yours and only yours. We do not solicit your contacts or sell our user’s personal information. Your contact list is your asset, and we protect it as we would our own personal information.

Another question we get is, “Do people on my eCard, invitation or survey list see the names or email addresses of other recipients?” Answer: “No.” Other online invitation companies, which are geared toward non-professional events or the ‘I-don’t-care-if-there’s-advertising-as-long-as-it’s-free’ market expose the names of event invitees to the entire list. Our experience in business circles, and based on the requests of our members over the years, is that professional events are well attended based on the credibility of the company hosting the event and the event agenda, not on ‘who else’ is attending.

What we do record is the date and time someone picks up your eCard, responds to your event or survey, and of course what their answers are. In other words, we gather the right amount of data for you to get the job done. We never require your recipients to sign up for our service to view your cards or respond to events and surveys. We give you the option to require company names and email addresses for invitation RSVP’s and survey responses. It’s all about privacy, respect, comfort and ultimately your satisfaction! Check out our Privacy Policy for more details, or contact us with your questions.

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