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Most Popular Questions About Holiday eCards

Michael Miller, Vice President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Michael Miller

The inquiries are already coming in about sending CorpNote winter holiday eCards. If you have a question that’s not listed here, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

1. When are the new holiday eCard designs coming out?

New eCard designs for Thanksgiving, Season’s Greetings, Christmas, Chanukah and New Years start coming out this week. We will be adding new cards for those holidays as they are completed throughout the holiday season. If you have any special requests or need a custom holiday eCard, please call us at 609-406-1665 or use our online contact form.

2. When I send a holiday eCard, will it have my return email address? Do other people see my list of recipients?

The email your eCard recipient sees will have your name and email address as you have entered it in your CorpNote account, as both the 'reply to' and the 'from' email address. If your eCard recipient clicks ’reply’ to your email, or if a bad email address causes a bounceback, the email will come to you.

When you send out eCards, each notice goes out as a separate email. Your recipients will not see other people's names or email addresses on the card they receive.

3. What is the difference between an Individual Membership plan and the Company plan? Can a business use an Individual Membership?

Both our Individual Membership and our Company Membership are designed for business users.

Our individual plan is appropriate if you have one person in your company sending out all the holiday eCards for your company. With this plan, all eCards will be sent ’from’ the email address used to create the account, and the eCard signature will reflect the name of the account holder. The cost is $14.99 per month for unlimited use. Click here to view the feature differences between our Membership plans.

Our company plan enables different people in your company to manage their own address book and send their own holiday eCards. When you set up the account, the first person to join will be the company ‘Administrator.’ Once this account is set up, the administrator can allow other employees to have their own CorpNote account, which will have their own personal signature and contacts. The administrator is also able to design and create custom eCards to share with all your company users, enabling you to control the look and message within the cards that your company will send. The administrator is even able to display or hide all of the CorpNote eCard designs already in the system, if you only want to make certain 'pre-approved' eCards available for your company.

Our Company Memberships have a one-time setup fee of $350, which includes customizing the site with your company logo, links and colors. Ongoing costs are $6.29 per month, per active user. For example, if you want an administrator plus 8 users, the first cost would be $350, and then your next monthly cost would be $56.61 (9 * $6.29). Most Company Plan administrators, who are using Corpnote for holiday cards, keep their user's accounts active through January, to make sure everyone has received and viewed their eCards.

4. Is there a limit to the number of holiday eCards, holiday party invitations or end-of-year surveys I can send?

There are no limits to the number of eCards, invitations or surveys you can send each month.

5. Is there a time commitment when I sign up?

No, we have no long term commitments - our service is month-to-month. When planning and budgeting for your holiday eCard campaign, you need to remember that your account needs to be active for people to view your eCards, so we recommend that you remain a member through January. Please remember that we do recurring monthly billing on all CorpNote accounts, and that you need to agree to this, per our terms of use, when you create your account. You can cancel your membership at any time, but it is your responsibility to cancel before your next billing date or you will be charged for another month.

These are the top 5 questions but I’m sure you have ones of your own... and I'm happy to discuss your specific needs. Please give us a call at 609-406-1665.

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