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Halloween eCards and Office Party Invitations

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

I shouldn't be surprised anymore by how much some people love Halloween; but, every year something even more fantastical will enter the Halloween stratosphere. This year seems to be a lot about Halloween parties, decorations and dazzling food displays that are an art in themselves. Pumpkins are no longer just those scary faces that my dad cut when I was a kid. They are also an art form with everything from full portraiture to elaborate Celtic knot work designs.

Many of CorpNote's customers have already sent their Halloween eCards announcing their Halloween office party; and, as I spoke with many of our customers, I discovered that a lot of businesses are focusing more on 'pretty' and elegant Halloween decorations over the 'scarier' fare. The traditional Halloween colors of orange, purple and black are still popular but some are using burgundy, black and white with a gothic theme to be a little unique.
I can marvel at all the beauty but the bottom line for my job is how can the average business enjoy the Halloween festivities while making it productive for them to participate. That is the subject of our latest newsletter, The Business of Halloween, where we provide unusual and clever ways for any business to celebrate Halloween. Whether you're planning your Halloween office party or are looking for something to inspire your employees during the Halloween holiday, you're sure to find a little something!
We also have a few Halloween 'Pics of the day' with fun facts about the holiday and we just started a Pinterest Halloween board with some elegant Halloween food, decorating and game ideas for Halloween office parties.
We hope you enjoy a happy, healthy and fantastical Halloween!

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