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New 'My Account' Home Page Quickly Turns Beginners into Power Users!

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

I am excited to announce our redesign of the ‘My Account’ page for members which is the first page you see after you sign into your account. Why am I so excited? Not only can you more easily get to the features you use most often, but our new design helps you customize your CorpNote account. You may also discover other CorpNote features you may not know about and would like to use.

When you sign in, the ‘My Account’ page is the first page you see. You will now see 4 sections: Card Designs, Custom Settings, Important Dates & Holidays and Account Activity.

Card Designs

You will immediately see a selection of our new eCard designs as well as have the ability to easily search for eCard designs within an occasion or holiday category. Within this area you can also click to view Templates , Favorites and Custom Cards so you can quickly and easily create eCards to suit any occasion.

Custom Settings

This is the area I am most excited about. Many people do not know about all of CorpNote’s features and that’s a shame because they can substantially reduce the amount of time it takes to create eCards. You will now easily see these features and whether they require your attention to be set up. The sections within this area are:

  • Address book: Quickly add a contact to your address book, see QuickSend contacts to be imported and people who have subscribed to be on your email list.

  • Signature: See an example of your eCard signature. If you have orange text, that means something is missing. You do not have to include everything in your signature on an eCard but it will be helpful for you to have these items completed so you can choose to include them if you want to.

  • eCard Styles: Saving your favorite eCard styles lets you quickly format the colors, text styles and screen preferences with just one click for every new eCard you create.

  • eCard Templates: Quickly access your eCard templates so you can send a preformatted eCard in less than 30 seconds.

  • Custom Cards: Easily get to your custom eCard designs so you can quickly compose an eCard.

  • Message Helper: Save time with preformatted messages that you can insert into your eCard.

Each section has a link to either complete the task and/or view the tutorial on how to use the feature.

Important Dates & Holidays

This area enables you to quickly view upcoming holidays and plan the sending of eCards for those holidays. Don’t forget – you can easily schedule any eCard to be sent for a date in the future so you can create your eCards for holidays at any time. There is also a section for ‘This Week’s Important Dates’ which will show you the reminders you have set for birthdays and anniversaries.

Account Activity

This area is a quick overview of your account activity so you can easily see eCards that have been sent but not picked up in the past 7 days. You can also access your eCard history, events and surveys.

We hope you enjoy the new changes and you are inspired to use more of our features that will save you time and make you more productive!

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