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Tips For Creating an Online Survey

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

It’s spring here on the US east coast and even though it doesn’t feel like spring yet, we are preparing for the burst of fresh signs of life that will get rid of the dead of winter blues. So, in the spirit of spring cleaning and letting in some fresh air, this month’s newsletter highlights how you can facilitate healthy business growth by cultivating your existing customers.

We've created a ten-step checklist to help you grow your business using electronic and traditional marketing techniques that are effective, affordable and scalable. Check out the issue: 10 Great Ways to Keep in Touch with your Customers.

My personal favorite for keeping in touch with customers is conducting online surveys. Some of the best CorpNote innovations have come from learning about our customers' needs and how they use our product.

Here are some tips for creating an online survey that will get your customers talking so you can improve and grow your business:

Determine your purpose. The biggest challenge in creating a survey is determining you need to know and how it will help your business. Create a 'purpose statement' for your survey that is one or two sentences in length. 
Create your Survey. Refer to your purpose statement as you write your questions and make sure each question will help you gather the information you need to know. Short, targeted surveys tend to work best. 
Consider an Incentive. You may get a higher response rate if you offer an incentive. It is true that some people don't need an incentive because they have a strong opinion; but, more than likely a good percentage of your respondents need a little push to get them to volunteer their time.
Track your Responses. Before you send your survey think about how you will use the information once you receive it. With CorpNote, you can look at both your individual and aggregate answers.  Both are helpful in determining the final results of your survey. 
For more tips, don't forget to check out the newsletter: 10 Great Ways to Keep in Touch with your Customers. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions!

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