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New Feature Release - eCard Inbox Delivery

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

At CorpNote, we strive to bring the best product that is customizable and flexible to the needs of our wide audience. Whenever we launch a new feature, I’m excited but I’m also a little anxious too. How will it be received by our customers?

Here’s the skinny on the feature release and some of the things to consider when using it.

In the past, when you sent an eCard, a recipient would receive a notice in their email inbox and then click on a link to view the full eCard. Our new feature enables your full eCard to go right to a person’s email inbox without the need to ‘click’ to view it. I will probably use this method because it’s most convenient for the recipient but we still have the ‘display in browser’ method for varieties of reasons which are outlined below.

"Display in Browser" versus "Display in Email Inbox"

        Display in Browser
(the traditional method we’ve always had)

        Display in Email Inbox
(the new method)


  • Ensures a more consistent viewing experience.
  • Since most web browsers can play Flash multimedia, Browser Display should be chosen for animated eCards.
  • Apple iOS web browsers, and some Android devices do not play Flash animation, no matter which display method you choose. If this is detected, we automatically replace your animation with a still image.


  • Ensures that more people see your message.
  • The recipient does not need to ‘click’ to display your final eCard.
  • Better for still (non-animated) image eCards. Most email programs do not support animation and sound.
  • If you choose to send an animated eCard with Email Inbox delivery, then a still image will be displayed in place of the animation.

Additional considerations when choosing Email Inbox Delivery:

  • Some recipients, or the companies they work for, may have set a preference to not display images in their email. Therefore, those people will not be able to see the images in the card design and the eCard will not show in your account as being 'picked up' but they will still see the text you provided in the eCard message area.

  • Email Inbox delivery eCards contain more graphics than the email notice used in the Display in Browser method. In some cases these additional images could make it harder to get past people's email spam filters.

  • All eCards sent with Email Inbox delivery have a link at the top that lets the recipient "view in browser."

Final thoughts...

Regardless of the delivery method you choose, to ensure a better ‘pickup’ rate it is important to keep your email lists as up-to-date as possible and only send eCards to people who have given you permission to send them email. Also, use short, informative subject lines that inspire someone to read your message.

As always, we appreciate and welcome your feedback. Send us an email and let us know how you like the new feature.

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