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Winter Holiday eCards - It's Not Too Early to Start Planning

Michael Miller, Vice President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Michael Miller

I am already receiving calls about eCards and invitations for the upcoming holiday season. One of the biggest questions people ask is what is the best CorpNote plan for their needs and is our service advertising free. My detailed answer that describes our holiday eCard plans is below and no, we do not have any advertising in our paid memberships. You can also check out our holiday eCard white paper, Everything you ever wanted to know about Sending Seasons Greetings Holiday eCards, which has lots of tips and tricks to get your holiday season greetings off to a good start.

We have 2 different membership plans that you can use to send online holiday greeting cards. If one individual will be responsible for sending out all of your company eCards, and it is OK for the cards to all come from the same email address/sender, then our Individual Membership for $14.99 per month should meet your needs. It allows you to send an unlimited number of cards. Once your eCards are sent, the account needs to be active for people to pick up and view them, and most of our holiday season members join for 2-3 months.

If you require multiple people in your company to be able to send out eCards, with each sender having their own email/signature and recipient list, then you can join as a Company Member. This plan lets you create a CorpNote account for multiple people in your company. The Company Membership has a 1-time $350.00 setup fee, and the additional cost is $6.29 per month, per user.

Both of these plans let you upload a JPG image to use as the picture part of the eCard (or you can use any of the ready-made images or animated in our system), and you can compose a message with our built in text editor that will display below the picture. The Company plan has the additional benefit of allowing you to customize the CorpNote website’s interface with your own logo and company colors, so when people view your eCard it is more personalized.

We do not charge a “per card” fee, so the initial/monthly fees described above would remain the same regardless of your eCard volume.

View our Holiday eCard Membership Options: Choose the CorpNote plan that's right for you

I welcome your further questions! You can contact me directly at 609-406-1665 M-F 9am - 5pm EST

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