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eCard Templates and QuickSend Mobile eCards Are Now Even Easier to Use

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

With business back in full swing after summer, finding more time in a day seems to be my biggest challenge. My goal from now until the New Year is to make CorpNote’s existing time saving features even better, and invent some new and improved features along the way.

Using "eCard Templates" is a huge time saver that enables me to send a perfectly designed eCard in less than 20 seconds. I use the Templates feature so much that I ended up having a lot of eCard Templates, and it was getting a little challenging trying to find just the right one to send. To make sending a Template card even quicker and easier, we added the ability to create "categories" that lets you sort your eCard Templates. We also added the ability to find an eCard sorted by 'date created' and 'template name' in addition to the new Category name. Now you can have template categories like "Employee Birthday" or "Client Birthday," "Thank You Cards," "Client Holiday Cards" etc. You can create categories for eCard Templates that are customized to your specific business needs.

We also added many time saving features to CorpNote's mobile phone component, QuickSend. Like eCard Templates, you can now create "categories" to organize your QuickSend Mobile eCards. Now you can find and send the perfect eCard when you're on the road faster than ever.

The QuickSend home page also received a redesign. You can now see preview images of your eCard designs so there's no question about which eCard you are sending. And one of my favorite upgrades is that now you don't have to type the name and address of every QuickSend recipient. You can now access your CorpNote Address Book right from the QuickSend screen which makes sending mobile eCards to all your contacts quicker and easier.

I just finished sending a batch of eCards this morning, and many took less than 15 seconds! As a CorpNote 'power user' with a tight schedule of my own, I am very pleased with these changes, and excited with the possibilities for our customers. I hope you are happy with them, too! As always, feel free to send me your comments/questions.

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