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New and Improved EZ-RSVP Invitations and Event Management Features

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

New enhancements to our online invitation tools make it easier to manage events and to track the guests on your invitation lists. Here are the highlights:

Receive an Email for Event Responses

You can now select to receive a notification email when someone RSVP’s to an event. You can select whether you want to receive an email every time you get a response, or to only receive an email notice once per day on days that you have responses.

If you select the option to receive an email for every response, then each email will contain full details of that response. The "once daily" option only contains an overview and is a better option for professionals managing large guest lists.

View the updated online invitations tutorial.

Easily Monitor your Invitation and Survey Responses right from your Account Overview Page

We’ve improved the Account Overview page, which is the first thing you see when you sign in to your CorpNote account. The first thing you’ll notice is our improved ’Account Activity’ section, which we’ve moved to the top of the page for easier access. The redesigned "Event RSVP Responses" and "Survey Responses" tabs now display your most recent events and surveys right on your account home page, with real-time response totals conveniently displayed directly on the ’View More’ buttons.

This page also contains "Important Member Changes" right at the top, which is an up-to-date notification area alerting you of new features, enhancements and special announcements.

Tip - Once you’ve read the current announcement you can click the "close and keep closed" link and the message area will stay out of your way until the next time we post new announcements!

On the right side of the page we’ve added a "What’s New" section that’s an archive of past news announcements, plus helpful tips on managing events, sending holiday eCards, creating winning surveys and more.

View the updated account overview tutorial for more details.

Adding Responses for People on Your Invitation List

When you send an eCard invitation, CorpNote creates an "Invitation List," which is a record of everyone you’ve invited to a particular event. This works even if you sent the invitation using multiple eCards. When a person views an invitation or responds online, then they are marked as having ’Picked Up’ the eCard and whether they have 'Responded.'

But what happens if someone calls you on the phone to RSVP, or sends you an email? You’ve always been able to manually add recipients to your attendee list with CorpNote, but manual entries used to bypass the Invitation List. This could present inconsistencies, for instance, if you chose to automatically "send an eCard to everyone who did not pick up your card" from the Invitation List. A manually added person would not have been marked as having picked up the eCard, so they would be incorrectly included. Well these situations should now be a thing of the past, because we’ve added a great new ability to the Invitation Manager...

Now, when you manually ’add a response’ for someone, the CorpNote system will check the Invitation List for that event and look for a match on either the email address or last name of the person. If any of the people on your invitation list match, we will display those people and show you whether they’ve already responded. If you see a match, you can select them before submitting the RSVP, and they will be marked as having received the invitation and having responded. If you do not see a match, then you can skip this step by selecting ’use my response information’ as entered in the RSVP form below.

See the updated invitations - managing responses tutorial.

All these changes should help you work more efficiently in CorpNote, and better manage your online invitations and responses. I welcome your feedback! Please send us an email with your comments/suggestions.

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