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Want to see a sample holiday eCard?

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

The phone calls about holiday eCards for Thanksgiving, Season's Greetings and Christmas are already coming in and that's a good sign! People are preparing now rather than procrastinating to the last minute.

One of the most common questions we receive is, "What will the eCard look like when my recipients see it?"

Here is a sample eCard, which was sent using the "Display in Browser" method of delivery, rather than "Display in Email Inbox." While the inbox option is the easiest for your recipients to see, it’s not appropriate for our Flash animated eCards that only display in a web browser. And while we’re on the subject of animated eCards, you should also know that CorpNote will automatically display a still-image version of animated eCards if the device doesn’t support Flash animation, like Apple iOS devices and newer Android models.

Another way you can see a sample eCard, and try sending a CorpNote for yourself, is through our Free eCard Demo. In our demo area, you are not just limited to Thanksgiving, Season’s Greetings, Christmas and New Year’s eCards. You can browse many of our eCard designs in a wide variety of categories such as birthday cards, party invitations and more. The demo lets you build a card by changing colors, creating a custom message and then sending the eCard via email. Free eCards are limited to the ‘Display in Browser’ method discussed above, where the recipient receives an email that contains a link to view the final eCard in a web browser.

While the Free eCards system gives you a great feel of what it’s like to create a CorpNote eCard, our paid service offers you much, much more, including:

  • Choice of Browser or Inbox delivery
  • More eCard choices and 50% larger designs
  • Automatic first name addressing and bulk delivery
  • Post cards to your social media
  • Online Address Book, RSVP Invitations, Surveys and more

Many of our other most popular holiday eCard questions are answered in our newly updated white paper: Everything you ever wanted to know about sending Seasons Greetings and Holiday eCards.

FAQs in the article include:

  • When should I send my Holiday eCards?
  • How Much does a Holiday eCard subscription Cost?
  • Posting your Holiday eCards in Social Media
  • Animated eCards vs. Static Picture eCard designs
  • Creating Custom eCard Designs and more...

If you have any other questions about holiday eCards, please give us a call. We also provide creative and art services at hourly rates so you can dream up your own custom eCard designs and animations and have us do the work for you. (Call us now if you’re interested, at 609-406-1665 – our schedule fills up quickly as we get closer to the holidays!)

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