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Effective Email Subject Lines

Michael Miller, Vice President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Michael Miller

Sending an email isn't effective if your recipient doesn't open the message. One of the first and most important things your recipient sees when they check their email is the subject line. Here are some tips for creating effective subject lines that improve the chances that your email will be opened:

  • Most email software, like the one used on an iPhone, limit the subject line display. Resist the urge to create lengthy sentences, and keep the subject line below 50 characters.
  • Make effective use of the space allotted. Think like you’re writing a short Twitter Tweet. Come up with a creative line that catches attention rather than a typical phrase like -- Your newsletter is here!
  • Place your name or company name in the beginning of the subject line. He or she will immediately recognize you or the brand and be more willing to open the email.
  • Have someone else review and edit your subject lines. A quick glance by third parties will give you a different, unbiased perspective. You can even send several emails with different subject lines to yourself and a sample group to see how they look and how people react to them.
  • Don't be "Spammy" – avoid phrases and punctuation that will get your message blocked or caught in people's junk mail filters. For more information view our FAQ, "My eCards are going into SPAM. What can I do to reduce this?"

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