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Surveys coming to CorpNote in May

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

We love to get requests from our members. We do listen to you - so keep those requests coming! I'm excited that, in May, we are releasing the ability to include surveys in your eCards. Surveys will work a lot like our online invitation system where you can make any eCard into a survey. In combination with the release of our new survey feature, we will have an issue of our newsletter dedicated to the topic of conducting surveys.

In our experience, more frequent short surveys get a higher response rate than one long survey. If a survey from one of our vendors takes a minute or two, I will more than likely complete it. Any response that requires 5 minutes or more of my time, goes into my 'To Do' stack and may get bumped off the list (if it's of lower priority). If your survey is long and there is no way around it, I would recommend having an incentive for someone to complete it. FYI - If you are giving something in exchange for my time (not just an entry into a raffle to win a big prize), I would consider it. Especially if it's a wide-angle lense for my camera :)

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