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Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

I am a panelist in NJAWBO's Business Building Seminar tomorrow and one of the items I was asked to speak about is BLOGS. I have different advice for those that are sole proprietors (or own very small companies) than I do for larger companies. For the smaller company -- free is good. You can create a free blog easily at Google's

Key tips:
  • Write regularly so people keep coming back
  • Write quality content and keep each entry short
  • Publicize your blog in your email signature and on your web site

The hardest part of having a blog is finding the time to write and to write about things that people care about. I sometimes don't write about certain topics because I assume that everyone already knows about a topic but a good friend of mine reminded me that just because I know about something doesn't mean others do. Survey your readers, clients, friends etc. and find out what they would like to know from you.

Remember - you are the expert in your field. Having a blog enables others to learn from you and they might even hire you to work for them.

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