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Holiday eCards and Party Invitations - Managing Email Lists and Using the Address Book

By Sarah Miller    11/17/14

You do not need to use CorpNote's address book to send your holiday eCards and invitations.

There are many advantages to using CorpNote's address book, such as better tracking and better integration with our online invitations feature. For those of you concerned about what CorpNote does with your personal contact information, I assure you that we NEVER use or share your contact list. (CorpNote's privacy policy will tell you more)

First of all, you do not HAVE TO use CorpNote's online address book to send eCards. Any time you send an eCard, invitation or survey you can simply copy and paste up to 250 email addresses (one per line) into the "Send List" right before you send your eCard.

However, there is an advantage to importing your contacts into the CorpNote Address Book. When sending your eCards using the address book, you have many advantages when it comes to tracking and managing your communications. Here are some of the primary benefits to using the address book:

Tips for Making the most of the CorpNote Address Book

Start with a Clean List: One of the keys to getting the most out of CorpNote is to have a quality email list. It's important that the people on your list have given you permission to send them email (they are also more likely to open an email from you if they have) and that you have diligently removed anyone from your list for which you received a "bounce back" or undeliverable message, or if they've unsubscribed from your list, as required by federal SPAM laws.

Importing and Managing Contacts: If you already have a list of people and addresses in another program such as Outlook, Excel, or any other contact manager software that lets you export a ".CSV" (comma separated value) file, you can easily transfer your contacts into your CorpNote Address book. (View the tutorial: Address Book - Importing Contacts)

Tip: Each eCard you send has a 'Manage Your Email Preferences' link. eCard recipients can select to unsubscribe from your eCard list and your CorpNote address book is automatically updated. (Learn more in this tutorial: Unsubscribe/Subscribe for eCard Recipients)

Sending an eCard to Multiple Recipients: CorpNote allows you to send an eCard to 2,500 recipients at a time, with a single click by creating "groups".

Create Groups before your send your eCards: A huge time saving tip is to Create 'Groups' in your CorpNote Address book, which will make sending eCards to large lists even easier. As mentioned above, Groups can hold up to 2,500 recipients, and can be accessed with a single click when you are addressing your eCard.

Managing Invitations and working with the "Invitation List": Each time you send an invitation eCard, your recipients are automatically added to your Invitation List. Even if you send multiple eCard invitations, as long as you link the eCard to the same event, the Invitation List lets you easily track and follow up with the people you invited. By using contacts from your address book, you will then be able to view the people you have invited by name, rather than just by their email address.

When sending an event follow up eCard, such as an event reminder, you will see ALL of the invitees to that event in a single list, displayed by name. The Invitation List lets you see who has viewed the invitation and who has RSVP'd, and even lets you export the event list as an Excel spreadsheet for attendance, name tags or future use.

These are just a few of the advantages to using the CorpNote address book, and I'm sure you will find many other advantages based on your own needs!

Bonus Tip: The address book has a "comments" field for each contact. I use the comments field to write specific notes such as holiday gifts I send and receive from the person, but you can use it for whatever suits your specific needs.

If you have any other questions about the address book or sending holiday eCards, please give us a call.

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