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Holiday eCards - Creating, Sharing and Tracking

Sarah Miller, President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

By Sarah Miller

Making the shift from printed holiday cards to online holiday cards can be scary to some, but we're here to help you turn your online holiday card campaign into a blessing. We believe that eCards offer several advantages: reduced cost, ease of sending and the ability to track whether a card has been received. Even if you are familiar with sending holiday eCards, the following tips will help make the process less labor intensive and hopefully even better received by your eCard recipients. We've also included tips and tricks that you probably haven't even thought of.

Step 1. Creating your eCard

When selecting a design, you can choose one of CorpNote's holiday card designs or upload an image of your own. Either way, you have the ability to customize the text that appears below your eCard image, and customize what is displayed in the signature at the bottom, including your company logo, name contact info and social media links. (Tutorials: Create Your own eCard Designs from Photos or Graphic Art and Sending eCards with a Family Photo or Other Photos)

The eCard signature is one of the most overlooked and important features of the CorpNote system. Your signature displays at the bottom of every eCard, and can contain your name, title, company logo, and business contact information including address, website and social media links. We recommend that when you initially set up your CorpNote account, you add all of this information. On each individual eCard, you can then easily select what you want to display (or not display). So for business, you might want to include all of the fields, but for an eCard to your nephew, you might want to omit the signature entirely. (Tutorial: Custom Signature)

Another important feature is the use of templates. Templates let you save a send-ready eCard, complete with image, message and signature style. You can then create a copy of this eCard template with a single click.

To save a template, create an eCard and send it to yourself. Once you have determined that it looks the way you want it to, you can then save it as a template. Not only will this make sending your eCards faster but it is good for two additional reasons:

  1. It ensures that you have proofread and like the eCard. (Once it goes out, you can't take it back)
  2. It can give you a base from which to work from. For example: when use the template, you have the ability to modify the text, signature options and even the eCard design.

Step 2. Sending and Sharing your eCard

When is the best time to send your holiday eCards? Statistically, Tuesday is the most popular day for sending emails because it has the highest open and click through rates. But, when it's holiday time, all bets are off. You may want to avoid sending during peak times like Black Friday and Cyber Monday because your email has a chance of getting ignored in someone's overwhelmed inbox.

But there are other equally important factors to consider if you are thinking of open rates. First, it is imperative to verify that your email list is up to date and you have removed any bouncebacks or unsubscribe requests from your last mailing. Second, create a strong subject line to ensure that your eCard recipients will be prompted to open your email. Good subject lines and a high quality permission-based email list will always give you the highest eCard pickup success rate.

Tips for sending an eCard to Multiple Recipients. CorpNote allows you to send an eCard to 250 recipients at a time, with a single click. But, what if you want to send your eCard to a larger list? It's easy! Here's how…

  1. After you send your holiday eCard to the first batch of 250 recipients, click the button that says, 'Copy This eCard.'
  2. Add the next 250 recipients, either by pasting in the email addresses or choosing from your address book (there's 50 contacts per page, so that would be the next 5 pages). Once the names or addresses are in your 'Send List' simply click the 'Send Card' button.

You can repeat this process as often as you need to until all your cards are sent. (View another blog in our holiday eCard series: Using the Address Book)

Sharing eCards on your website and social media. You can use CorpNote's 'Direct Link' feature for posting your holiday eCard on your website. Send the eCard to yourself, and then go to your 'Sent Cards.' Each eCard you send has a button for 'Direct Link,' which provides the website address for that specific eCard. You can use this same technique for sharing your eCards in social media or you can click the 'Share eCard' button (that is below the direct link button) and choose to share your holiday eCard in Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. (View tutorial: Direct Link to your eCard or watch the video: Share an eCard on Social Media)

Sharing eCards from your mobile device – 'QuickSend Mobile' eCards. There are lots of face-to-face networking opportunities during the holidays, so be prepared to send a quick follow up eCard at any time and from anywhere with CorpNote's Quicksend Mobile app. If you send an eCard to someone you've just met, you can even automatically import their name and email address into your CorpNote address book when you get back to the office. (View tutorial: QuickSend eCard Templates)

Step 3. Tracking

With traditional printed holiday cards, you don't always know when the card has been received, and a printed card doesn't encourage the recipient to respond. This is an area where holiday eCards really shine. Depending on the method you choose to send your eCard (display in email inbox or display in a browser), you have different ways that you can track the eCard pickup. (View tutorial: Sent eCards) But, in all cases, the recipient can quickly and easily respond, either by clicking 'reply' to your email or by viewing the eCard and clicking 'reply' from the web browser.

If you have any questions about sending CorpNote holiday eCards, please call us M-F 9am to 5pm at 609-406-1665.

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