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Holiday eCard Blog Series - Advantages of the Multi-User Plan

By Sarah Miller    12/18/14

CorpNote's Holiday eCards are compatible with mobile phones too.

Companies of all sizes use CorpNote because it's advertising free and we provide lots of opportunity for our members to customize our service to meet their business needs. Multi-User Plan Members have all of the features available to Individual Plan Members, plus several significant additional advantages:

  1. Multi-User Plans allow the plan administrator to customize the entire website, including the graphics/colors and links, to look like their company brand. Multi-User Plan Members will see the custom-designed interface when they use the system, and eCard recipients will see the additional logos and branding when they view your eCards.

  2. Multi-User Plans enable an organization create a single account and then add users, each with their own personal CorpNote account from which they can send eCards, invitations and surveys to their own private contacts. All eCards are sent 'from' each individual, with their specific contact information and photo or logo in the signature area. Each user can manage their own contacts in their online address book, which can hold up to 2,500 names per user.

  3. The Multi-User Plan Administrator (the person who establishes the account) can choose which eCard designs their employees can use, and can create approved company templates of eCards to share with their members. The Multi-User Plan Administrator can grant access to the CorpNote system on an as-needed basis for each member, to save money when people don't need the service (like after the winter holidays), and they receive a single, consolidated monthly billing statement.

Here's how to best utilize our Multi-User Plan membership during the holidays to save time, save money and make a great impression.

Customize Logos and Colors. Multi-User Plan Administrators can customize the CorpNote website interface with their own logo, and can even upload holiday-themed graphics if they choose. The places you can customize are as follows:

  1. Upload your own logo & graphics to appear in the top part of our site and select an overall color scheme that matches your company's visual brand identity.

  2. Create a custom footer for links to your website, such as "About Us", "Privacy", "Terms", "Contact Us" and your company's address and phone numbers.

Since you have all the tools you need to change the CorpNote interface yourself, at the middle or end of the holiday season you can change the interface for the next holiday or to whatever suits your business needs. View our tutorials on customizing the CorpNote website for Multi-User Plan Members.

Share eCard Designs and Templates. CorpNote lets you create and upload custom eCard designs to be shared with your Multi-User Plan Members. You also have the choice to enable them to choose from CorpNote's eCard designs or limit their choice to what you've uploaded.

To further ensure consistency in branding and message, administrators can design complete eCard templates, with approved company colors, body text, subject text and delivery type. Employees can then select these 'ready-to-send' eCards with a single click.

Managing Users. We certainly hope your Multi-User Plan Members will find good reasons to use CorpNote all year round and not just for the winter holidays; but, if you choose not to, you can de-activate Multi-User plan members after the holiday season and re-activate them for the next season. If an employee is responsible for managing an event and wants to use our online RSVP invitations for the months surrounding the event, it's no problem! As long as you minimally keep the Multi-User Plan Administrator's account activated (for $6.29/month) you won't have to pay the setup fee again, and we'll retain your Multi-User Plan settings.

For more tips on sending holiday eCards, check out our whitepaper: Everything you ever wanted to know about sending Season's Greetings Holiday eCards

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Sarah Miller president of Set Now Solutions and CorpNote eCards, invitations and surveys.

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