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Holiday eCard Blog Series - End of Year Surveys

By Sarah Miller    12/22/14

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Online surveys are a great way to keep in touch with customers or give employees a chance to be heard. Since surveys are included in your monthly membership, they can easily be created in your CorpNote account at no additional cost. Here are some ideas for end-of-year surveys, and sample questions that you're welcome to use for your own.

Employee Party Follow Up Survey

All too often, party planners are so busy managing their events that they don't get to spend enough time with their guests. A follow up survey after a company holiday party is a great way to find out what worked and what didn't, what was missing and what was in overabundance. By creating and sending a survey after a party, you'll connect with every guest and give them a chance to provide their impressions of the event — a valuable resource for making next year's event even better!

View and take a sample Party Follow-up Survey

Customer Service Year-end Survey

Your customers are your greatest asset, and what they have to say about your business relationship deserves to be heard. Customer service surveys generally address the client's opinion on:

View and take a sample Customer Service Survey

Customer Event Follow Up Survey

Customers, clients and business partners love to feel appreciated, and there's nothing more memorable and fun than an all-out 'Thank You Extravaganza'. But after the last guests depart and the confetti is swept away, a follow up survey can tell you a lot about your guest's experience with the event and with your company.

An event follow up doesn't have to be long and detailed — in fact a short and easy to take survey is preferable. Post-event surveys generally ask people what they thought about the food, the venue and the entertainment. These bits of info can be invaluable to you when it's time to plan next year's event.

The survey also gives you the opportunity, in a non-pressured way, to remind your guest of the importance of their relationship, and express your interest in doing business with them in the future. It is also a way that you can ask them if they can recommend your company to others, or if they know anyone that they'd like you to contact that has similar business goals.

View and take a sample Event Follow Up Survey

All of the survey samples in this article were created using CorpNote's Online Survey tool.
Learn more about creating your own online surveys in our tutorials.

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