Employee Recognition Email Campaigns

CorpNote makes it easy to appreciate your team's dedication and hard work

Employee recognition eCards are an easy way to show ongoing appreciation for your team's dedication and hard work.
  • Recognize employment anniversaries and important milestones like project completions or when sales goals are attained
  • Announce the accomplishments of a team member to other employees. A 'public thank-you' speaks volumes when it comes to employee appreciation.

CorpNote offers a wide variety of eCard designs and email templates to compliment your employee recognition efforts and our email automation feature will automatically send them for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or a specific time interval you set.

Employee Recognition Made Easy

Thoughtful. Appreciative. Fully Customizable.

  • Customize your Emails to Match your Brand — add your company's logo, colors and contact information
  • Send your eCards with Name Personalization — choose from our eCard designs or upload your own. Auto-customize each eCard with your recipient's first name
  • Easy to Use Email Templates — fully customizable email templates for birthdays, employment anniversaries, newsletters, notices, holiday party invitations and more
  • Contact Management and Email Tracking — easily import your contacts, organize them into email lists and see when your emails are viewed
  • Email Automation — set automated email campaigns for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday eCards and more
Customize our email templates with your logo, company colors and contact information.

Time-saving Tools to Communicate Faster and Better

Make it Special. Reinforce your Brand. Have fun!

CorpNote was designed for busy professionals. We give you all the tools you need to make sending graphically emails quick and easy.

  • Save Favorites — Save your preferred eCard designs, email templates, color and font selections and email signature
  • Create your Own Email Templates — and if you are a Multi User Plan Administrator, you can share your uploaded images and email templates with your users
Use CorpNote's Birthday eCard designs or upload artwork or photos of your own.

Email Automation

Easy to Use. Easy to Track.

Never miss a birthday, anniversary or other important occasion. Here's how it works:

  • Import your Contacts and assign them to email lists for each type of automated email campaign you want to send. You might want separate email lists for: employee anniversaries, customer order anniversaries, employee birthdays, holiday email campaigns, email newsletters etc.
  • Create your Emails and save them as 'Templates,' complete with your selected imagery, customized email message, company logo and contact information. Select which email templates you want to assign to each automated email campaign and then set them to be sent randomly or in a specific order.
  • Track your Emails in real-time to see when they are viewed and how many times.
  • Maintain your Email Lists by adding or removing employees to your email lists as needed.
Anniversary and birthday eCard examples for employee recognition initiatives.

Need Access for More than One User?

Our Multi User Plan is Cost Effective. Fully Customizable.

Customize our website to match your company branding when sending employee recognitions eCards.

CorpNote's Multi User Plan gives your employees their own company-branded account with unlimited access to everything included in our Single User plan at half the cost. Plus - you can share images and email templates.

Here's how it works:

When you join CorpNote with a Multi User Plan, you become the designated 'Multi User Plan Administrator'. As the plan administrator you can then customize the entire CorpNote website to match your organization's branding. To further ensure brand consistency, upload your own images and create email templates and then share them with your employees.

Multi User Plans are great for...

  • Marketing or communications managers that want to offer affordable eCard, email newsletter, online invitation and online survey tools year-round to their management team.
  • Businesses with regional managers that want to send graphically-rich email notices to their own team and track pickup.
  • Sales teams that want to thank customers for orders and to send surveys asking their customer's level of satisfaction.

Learn more about customizing the CorpNote interface to match your company branding.

CorpNote offers Value Beyond Employee Recognition

All CorpNote memberships – from a Single User to a Multi User deployment – include unlimited access to all our email marketing tools: email newsletters, eCards, email automation, email list management, online invitations and online surveys at no additional cost.

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