Online Surveys & Polls

Get instant feedback so you can plan your next steps

Targeted surveys can help you make the best decisions on where to invest your company's time and assets.

They can also help you see what your customers, employees or donors are looking for and can dramatically shape the direction of your organization.

Use CorpNote's email templates or create your own to send or post your surveys.

With CorpNote's Online Survey Manager, you can manage multiple surveys simultaneously and invite people to take your survey via email, text or share it in social media or on your website. You can also customize your communication to include your logo, contact information, custom imagery and more.

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Online Survey Samples

Feedback = Business Improvement

CorpNote's online surveys are an easy way to conduct online surveys without the need for a webmaster.

With CorpNote, you can create many different types of surveys:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys — get feedback on products, services or company practices
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys — assess the results of training sessions and company initiatives to make sure they're being well received
  • Event Follow-up — get feedback to help plan your next event
  • Customer Service Follow-up — assess the results of support phone calls or in-person jobs
  • Opinion Polls — can help you understand a specific market or drive company innovation

Customizable Surveys and Email Templates

Use CorpNote for customer satisfaction surveys.

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  • Create your survey using a variety of answer formats
  • Send an email inviting people to take your survey
  • Share your survey in social media or on your website
  • View your responses in real time
  • Download reports and analyze your data so you can plan your next steps
  • Send thank you emails to thank respondents for their time

There are no limits on the number of responses you can receive and we offer lots of ways to customize your surveys with your company's branding.

Customize your Online Surveys

There are many ways to use CorpNote and online surveys to fit your exact needs including the ability to customize your survey to match your company's branding.

Surveys can be customized with your logo, company colors and contact information.

Here's how it works:

  • Create an unlimited number of surveys and receive an unlimited number of responses
  • Surveys can contain up to 20 questions
  • Survey question types can be multiple choice (pick one), multiple selections, rating scale, date or open text answers
  • Each question type can include an additional comments field to help you gather even more information
  • Create a customized confirmation message to thank the respondent and provide further instruction if you want them to do something additional after taking the survey.

Want more branding? Check out CorpNote's Custom Interface Option

Our Custom Interface option adds a persistent, color-matched header and footer to all your email correspondence, PLUS it displays on your survey response forms so you can share your surveys in social media, via text message or in your website or blog.

Analyze Survey Data and Continue the Conversation

  • Get an email notification when someone submits a survey
  • Continue the interaction with your contacts and easily follow up or reach the same survey participants at a later date
  • Copy existing surveys to use as a base for your next survey
  • Add and edit survey data when people email or phone in their response
  • View individual survey responses or aggregate survey data
  • Download Excel reports of survey data for further analysis

Why Choose CorpNote?

No Need for Separate Services

Fixed pricing with unlimited sending — our service includes online surveys, online invitations, email newsletters, eCards, email automation, email list management and more.

No long-term commitment — use our service for one month or all year.

10 day Money Back Guarantee — on our Single User Plan.

Online surveys enable you to get immediate feedback.

CorpNote is designed for business — For 16 years, thousands of companies have relied on us for exceptional value and unparalleled customer support. We provide free technical support and email campaign strategy recommendations as well as easy-to-use email templates that are customizable to your brand, your message.

Survey Tools for your Whole Company

Easy to Use. Professional. No Advertising.

CorpNote's Multi User Plan gives your employees their own company-branded account to send their own surveys plus they get unlimited access to all of the email marketing tools included in our Single User plan.

  • Each user has their own account with unlimited access to create and send eCards, email newsletters and announcements, invitations and surveys. They can also manage their own email lists and set automated email campaigns.
  • One person from your organization is designated as the "Administrator." The administrator manages user access and has the ability to share email templates and images to help ensure brand consistency.
  • Rates are $15/month per user – 50% off our Single User membership rate.
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