Anniversary eCards Designed for Business

Anniversary eCards are a great way to keep in touch with customers, and to show appreciation to employees in your company.

CorpNote offers a broad assortment of online anniversary card designs, all professionally designed for business, to compliment your employee recognition and customer appreciation efforts. Our eCards are easy to design and send to your contacts, and our 'recurring card' feature lets you automate the sending of cards, day-after-day, month-after-month and year-after-year!

Send anniversary eCards using your computer, tablet or phone.

Send Anniversary eCards for Customer Appreciation and Employee Recognition

Thoughtful. Notable.

Customer Anniversary eCards are great for building solid client relations...

  • Anniversary eCards can be used to celebrate the annual anniversary of the first time a customer did business with you, or when a year (or a quarter-year or month, etc.) has gone by since you last did business.
  • Anniversary eCards can also contain a message with a coupon or special offer designed to drive future purchases or business.
  • If your business relationship with your clients deems it appropriate, you can send wedding anniversary wishes each year to brighten your customer's day and to keep your company top-of-mind.

Employee Anniversary eCards let you...

  • Recognize annual employment anniversaries. Sending an anniversary eCard is a great way to recognize employees for their efforts throughout the year, building morale and company dedication.
  • Congratulate your employees on wedding anniversaries, or other momentous life events. By celebrating your staff's personal milestones, you can make your employees feel more like an 'extended family.'
Our anniversary eCards enable you to add a personalized signature with your contact information.

Save Time, Save Money and Communicate Better

Get Noticed. Reinforce your Brand. Have fun!

CorpNote's three main tools – eCards, Online Invitations and Online Surveys – are all integrated to let you seamlessly blend any business or online marketing need into a single application. By having all of your contacts, art and correspondence history in one place, you can quickly initiate or respond to any communications need.

Use CorpNote's Anniversary eCard designs or upload your own photos or artwork.

Here's an example of some of CorpNote's time-saving tools and features:

  • Message Helper — Are you sometimes lost for words? Choose from one of our pre-written messages for many business occasions to let you quickly compose your eCard messages. Do you have business-specific messages that you regularly send? You can add your own text to the message helper so your communications are only a click away. Here are some Anniversary Message Helper examples:
    • It's been another great year! Thank you for everything you do at (company name). We want you to know how much you are needed and appreciated… Happy Anniversary!
    • We are so glad you are part of our team! We appreciate your hard work and dedication, and we wish you a Happy Work Anniversary!
    • It's been another year that you've been a valued customer with us… We truly appreciate your business and we hope you stay with us for many years to come!
    • Happy Anniversary! It seems like just yesterday that you joined our family.
  • Save Favorites — Save your preferred eCard designs, color and font selections and personal signature layout as 'favorites' for quick access when you are creating new correspondence.
  • Create eCard Templates — Save - and if you are a Multi-user plan administrator, share - your favorite completed eCards, invitations and surveys as 'Templates' to quickly address and send.
  • Create 'Recurring Card' Campaigns — Once you've created eCard Templates, CorpNote can automatically send recurring eCards based upon Birthday, Anniversary, Holiday or Interval, like monthly sales events and semi-annual appointment reminders. Your recurring card campaign can contain multiple eCard design templates, and you can choose to send them randomly or in a particular order.
  • Mobile Friendly — Not only is the entire CorpNote system mobile-compatible, but once you have saved a card as a template, you can quickly send it using your smartphone. Send your eCards, Invitations and Surveys to anyone to anyone in seconds, from anywhere, with our mobile-friendly 'QuickSend' feature.

What's Unique about CorpNote Anniversary eCards?

Advertising-Free. Affordable. Measurable Results.

  • CorpNote is advertising-free, and was designed for business. We have lots of anniversary card designs to choose from, or you can upload your own images to add additional branding to your eCards.
  • You can send an eCard immediately, schedule them for any date in the future, or set up eCards to be automatically sent on your contacts' anniversary date or work start date.
  • With CorpNote, you're not limited to anniversary eCards. Your CorpNote membership lets you easily send an unlimited number of birthday eCards, thank you notes, holiday greetings and important news and announcement messages.
  • In addition to our full-featured eCard tools, CorpNote also lets you create and send online RSVP Event Invitations and Online Surveys!
Anniversary eCard campaigns are great for employee recognition and customer appreciation.

CorpNote Anniversary eCards are a Great Way to Build and Reinforce your Company Branding

Cost Effective. Easy to Use. Fully Customizable.

As a CorpNote Member, you can customize your anniversary eCards with your company's logo, company colors, contact information and social media links. CorpNote provides...

Want even more branding? Our Multi-user Membership (and Single-user Membership with our Custom Interface option) lets you further customize CorpNote's eCard, Invitation and Survey experience with additional logo branding and contact information & links to match your eCards with your company website or social media channels!

CorpNote is Scalable to Suit the Needs of Your Size Company

Make it Yours. It's Easy to Manage.

Customize the CorpNote website to match your company branding when sending anniversary eCards.

Whether you are a sole proprietor of an established or start-up company, an administrator at a non-profit organization or a marketing executive at a major corporation, CorpNote has plan options that let you scale your membership to fit your company's needs. Our Multi-user Membership lets the primary member (the 'plan administrator') create additional CorpNote accounts for other company employees. These accounts can be created and deactivated based on when you need them, and you'll only pay for the months that these accounts are active.

Learn more about customizing the CorpNote interface to match your company branding.

Multi-user accounts are great for...

  • Companies with sales or marketing teams that are responsible for managing different territories.
  • Business that have employees that only need eCards, event management or online surveys for certain parts of the year, like the year-end holiday season.
  • Professionals that want to offer communications tools to their employees, but need to meet certain company correspondence rules or brand guidelines. (Multi-user plan administrators can create custom message templates and set art styles for their employees to use, which are within your specific design and message needs.)

Which CorpNote Plan is Right for You?   
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