Birthday eCards Designed for Business

CorpNote birthday eCards are perfect for customers, employees, colleagues, friends and more...

As a CorpNote Member you can:

  • Create and send an unlimited number of Birthday eCards monthly
  • Choose from any of our birthday eCard designs... or upload your own
  • Easily create Recurring Birthday eCards so you never miss a birthday
  • Upload and manage all your contacts yourself so you're always up to date

See how it works...

Send birthday eCards using your desktop computer, tablet, mobile device or phone.

Find the Right Birthday Message

Thoughtful. Appreciative. Memorable.

Connecting with employees and customers makes them feel valued and appreciated on their special day. But in a business setting, finding the right birthday card message can be tricky since often times you don't know the person very well or you need to keep your message professional while showing that you care.

Birthday eCard designs for business and personal occasions.

Here are some birthday messages to inspire you to create just the right birthday card.

  • Wishing you the happiest of birthdays today and always!
  • Best wishes for an enjoyable birthday and a year filled with happiness and success in all that you do.
  • From all of us at (your company name), we wish you a very happy birthday.
  • We truly appreciate your hard work and dedication this year. We wish you a very Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to one of my favorite people to work with! You make work a lot more fun!

Did you know CorpNote has a message helper? You can create, retrieve, and search for commonly used messages that you can easily insert into your eCards. The messages can contain formatting like color, size, lists, and hyperlinked text. For more details, visit our Message Helper Tutorial.

Example Birthday eCard with a custom logo and signature on an iPad and an iPhone.

Create Birthday eCards using Our Designs or Upload Your Own

Make it Special. Reinforce your Brand. Have fun!

CorpNote has lots of birthday eCard designs to suit every audience: customers, co-workers, colleagues, friends and family. We also give you the ability to use your own artwork and photos.

Our service is perfect for the 'maker' and "DIY" community. Maybe you're a photographer or an artist that loves the opportunity to showcase their work, or you're working with a company that wants a more personalized way to communicate with customers and coworkers... A customized birthday eCard campaign is a great way to stand out, and it can all be done on a shoestring budget!

For tips on how to make your own eCard designs, check out our article on How to Make an eCard - Birthday eCards, Anniversary Cards and more which was written specifically for the DIY community. We provide guidance and examples for laying out the eCard design as well as how big to make your final birthday eCard so that it displays well on mobile devices as well as in a web browser (for example posting in social media). We've also included tips for sending your birthday eCards which examines email limits and best practices such as how to create strong subject lines.

Use CorpNote's Birthday eCard designs or upload artwork or photos of your own.

We also have a new series of video tutorials on how to make eCard designs yourself.

Send Birthday eCards for Customer Appreciation and Employee Recognition

Easy. Affordable. Notable.

There's a reason birthday card campaigns are popular! They are not only a great way to show appreciation for your customers and employees but eCards make it super easy and affordable to remember someone on their special day.

If you don't know a customer's birthday, no problem! You can still send an eCard to celebrate the "anniversary" date of when a customer made their first purchase with you. See our anniversary eCard samples and tips page for ideas similar to our birthday eCard tips below.

Sending Birthday eCards to Customers

  • Personalize your message in a way that the customer feels like they are not just another "email address on a list".
  • Don't assume it's okay to send a birthday card just because you have a customer's birthdate in your company records. Make sure your email is permission-based and respectful of a person's privacy.

Sending Birthday eCards to Employees

  • Personalize your card when you can. For example, include the person's first name.
  • Keep it professional and simple like thanking an employee for their contribution to the company in the past year.
Birthday eCard campaigns are great for customer appreciation and employee recognition initiatives.

Manage an Unlimited Number of Birthday eCard Campaigns

Easy to Use. Cost Effective. Fully Customizable.

We often get the question: What's the difference between sending my birthday cards from my own email program versus using a service. So, we've written an article on the topic: How to Send an eCard - "DIY" vs. Using an eCard Delivery Service which contains a side-by-side comparison of the pros and cons of sending your "DIY eCards" via regular email.

For person-to-person eCards, or cards sent to small groups, using your own email program works fine and it's free. At some point you may find that your needs are greater than what's possible just by using email.

CorpNote was designed to go beyond the capabilities of regular email, and is specifically designed for users that are sending eCards for ongoing business or marketing use.

Whether you just found it's someone's birthday or you have a planned customer/employee birthday eCard campaign initiative already in place, CorpNote has lots of time-saving features and benefits that can help you put your best foot forward.

Unlimited and Advertising Free

Send an unlimited number of advertising-free anniversary and birthday eCards per month. Choose from one of our birthday eCard designs – or upload your own photo or artwork.

Schedule Delivery

Pre-schedule your birthday eCards or set them to recur year after year so you never forget someone's birthday.

Recurring eCards

Recurring birthday eCards can be randomized from birthday card templates you create so people get different cards each year.

Share in Social Media

You can post birthday eCards in social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ and Pinterest.


Real-time statistics of when and how often your birthday eCards are viewed.

Birthday Party Invitations

It's easy to manage a birthday party from start to finish with our online RSVP tracking. You can also easily send reminders and follow up with a thank you.

Customize CorpNote Even More to Match your Company Branding

Customize our website to match your company branding when sending birthday eCards.

Get Noticed. Be Professional. No Advertising.

  • Every eCard can be personalized with your logo and company information. Your customizable signature appears below each eCard and contains an uploaded image, contact information and your social media links to support your marketing and branding.
  • Customize our website for additional branding. All CorpNote memberships let you custom-brand our website interface with your logo, colors and footer info – which will be visible to your recipients when they view your eCards, invitations and surveys.
  • Multi-User Administrators can upload custom birthday card designs and create birthday eCard templates to share with their company users. Templates make it easier to ensure consistency in employee communication.

Learn more about customizing the CorpNote interface to match your company branding.

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