Why Send Employee Recognition eCards?

Recognizing an employee's commitment to your company is important to earning their continued loyalty. It doesn't take expensive gifts or paid time off to reward your staff. eCards are an easy way to show ongoing appreciation of your team's dedication and hard work, and they are a proven motivation strategy in today's workplace.

Managers at all levels of your organization should recognize employee's accomplishments on a regular basis. Messages of appreciation can be sent for important milestones, like project completions or when sales goals are attained. Recognizing the accomplishments of a team member to other employees is also a tremendous morale booster, and a 'public thank-you' speaks volumes when it comes to employee appreciation.

Employee recognition eCards are an easy way to show ongoing appreciation of your team's dedication and hard work.

Many HR departments send birthday and anniversary cards to their employees as a core part of their employee recognition program. CorpNote offers a broad assortment of online birthday, anniversary and employee appreciation eCards, all professionally designed for business, to compliment your employee recognition. Our eCards are easy to design, and our 'recurring card' feature lets you automate the sending of eCards for birthdays and work anniversaries, day-after-day, month-after-month and year-after-year!

Employee Recognition Card Examples

Thoughtful. Appreciative. Memorable.

Work Anniversary eCards

Our employee recognition eCards offer a variety of messages and styles to fit your individual needs. We provide many ways to customize your cards to look like your company's branding. You can also upload your own card designs if you want to fully customize your employee recognition program. Here is a sample of our employee appreciation eCard messages:

  • In recognition of another year of awesomeness...
  • Thank you for all your hard work!
  • You did an AWESOME job!
  • Happy anniversary. We truly appreciate everything you do!
  • In recognition of excellence, above and beyond!
Employee appreciation eCards recognize your employees for all their hard work.

Time-saving Tools to Communicate Faster and Better

Make it Special. Reinforce your Brand. Have fun!

Do you find yourself pressed for time? You are not alone… CorpNote was designed for busy professionals and allows you to save all your favorite card designs, messages and contacts to make it easy and fast to send professional, customized employee recognition cards and business messages for any occasion! Here's a short list of ways to save time when creating an employee recognition campaign.

  • Message Helper — Are you ever lost for words? Our Message Helper lets you choose from one of our pre-written messages to let you quickly compose your eCard message.
  • Save Favorites — Save your preferred eCard designs, color and font selections and personal signature layout as 'favorites' for quick access when you are creating new correspondence.
  • Create eCard Templates — Save – and if you are a Multi-user plan administrator, share – your favorite completed eCards, invitations and surveys as 'Templates' to quickly address and send.
  • Mobile Friendly — Not only is the entire CorpNote system mobile-compatible, but once you have saved an eCard as a template, you can quickly send it using your smartphone. Send your eCards, Invitations and Surveys to anyone, from anywhere – in seconds – using our mobile-friendly 'QuickSend' feature.

Recurring eCards

Easy. Affordable. Notable.

CorpNote's 'Recurring eCard' tool lets you automate the sending of employee appreciation birthday and anniversary cards, so you never miss an occasion. Once it's set up, all you need to do is maintain the list of active employees that are scheduled to receive your cards. Here's how it works:

  • Import your employee list — CorpNote lets you upload an Excel file containing your employees' names, birthdate and work start date, and email address into our online contact manager. These people are then put in a 'Group' that will receive your recurring cards. (You can create multiple groups, like for different types of employees, customers and more.)
  • Design your eCards — Your completed cards are saved as 'Templates,' complete with your selected image, customized message, company logo and contact information. With recurring cards, you can even select multiple templates to be sent randomly, so your employees don't get the same card twice.
  • Cards get sent automatically on each person's birthday or anniversary/job start date — Once your recurring campaign is set up, the only thing you need to do is add or remove employees to your Group as needed. Maintaining your contacts is a breeze using our online Address book and contact management tools.
Anniversary and birthday eCards are great for employee recognition initiatives.

CorpNote's Multi-user Membership is Perfect for Employee Recognition and more...

Easy to Use. Cost Effective. Fully Customizable.

Customize our website to match your company branding when sending employee recognitions eCards.

Does your business have regional managers that should be doing employee recognition for their teams, or that manage their own list of clients? Our Multi-user Membership gives everyone in your company the ability to communicate better on a daily basis, by providing them with their own company-branded CorpNote account.

When you join CorpNote as a Multi-user member, one person in your company becomes the 'Plan Administrator'. As the plan administrator, you can create a CorpNote account for anyone in your company so they can send eCards to their own list of employees or customers. If your employees' accounts are not needed all year 'round, then you can de-activate their account as needed.

An additional benefit to our multi-user plans is that you can customize the entire CorpNote website to match your organization's branding, and create company-specific eCard templates to share with your company's users, for them to send to their own contacts.

Multi-user accounts are great for...

  • Businesses with regional managers that want to send employee recognition messages to their own team.
  • Companies that have different brands or products and want to personalize correspondence for those divisions.
  • Marketing or communications managers that want to offer affordable employee recognition tools to their management team, but need to meet certain brand or message guidelines. (Multi-user plan administrators can create custom message templates and set art styles for their employees to use, which are within your specific design and message needs.)

CorpNote offers Value

Get Noticed. Be Professional. No Advertising.

All CorpNote memberships – from an Individual plan to a large Multi-user deployment – include unlimited access to all our integrated eCard, Online Invitation and Online Survey tools at no additional cost.

  • Online surveys are a great way to find out more about your team's job satisfaction, which can be an indispensable tool for motivating and retaining staff.
  • Online invitations are a great way to manage company events, large and small, which enhance your employees' experience and make a great companion to any employee recognition program. Whether it's a series of training events, a company awards ceremony or an end-of-year holiday party, CorpNote's online invitations make it easy for your guests to RSVP and easy for you to manage.

Learn more about customizing the CorpNote interface to match your company branding.

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