Online RSVP Invitations for Business Events – Samples and Tips

There are many steps to planning and running a business event and managing attendee responses can be labor intensive. If your team is manually collating mailed, email or telephone replies then you know how time consuming it is. An online invitation service automates many of your event management tasks so you can concentrate on planning and hosting the event.

CorpNote's Online Invitations are built for business. Our service is advertising free, customizable to feature your brand and is cost-effective… you can create and manage an unlimited number of events each month for a flat membership fee. All our memberships also include unlimited use of our eCards and Online Surveys, which you'll find useful to have when managing your event.

Online invitations with RSVP are easy to create with CorpNote.

Managing an Event with CorpNote Online RSVP   Managing an Event using CorpNote

Here's a sample of how you can use CorpNote Online Invitations, eCards and Online Surveys to manage your next event:

  1. Send a "Save the Date" eCard. CorpNote's online address book lets you organize your contacts into groups, so you can keep all your invitees in one place and send them your event info with just a few clicks.
  2. Send and share your online invitation with RSVP. Once your event registration form is customized to your liking, you can quickly send it to your guest list via an eCard that tells more about the event. If you want to expand the reach of your invitation beyond your email list, you can also post a link to the invitation eCard or directly to the RSVP form in your social media, on your website or blog, or send it as a text message.
  1. View real-time responses. As responses come in, you'll see replies in your CorpNote Event Administrative screen. You can access your admin screen from anywhere, and you have full control to edit your responses. If someone calls or emails with a reply and doesn't use the online form – no problem! You can easily add them to the event, as well as change people's responses. If you want to keep an even closer watch on your responses, you can choose to receive an email notice with each response, or to get a summary email of responses each day.
  2. View your final RSVP list. Once you've reached your attendee number limit or RSVP cutoff date (both of which can be configured when you create the registration form), you can view your invitation list to see everyone who's coming and create Excel reports to print name tags and more. You can also generate an eCard to everyone who did not reply, or who replied 'no', telling them when the next event opportunity will be.
Online RSVP with real-time response and reporting
  1. Send a reminder right before your event. You can quickly generate an eCard that's addressed to everyone confirmed to attend your event. This reminder eCard helps ensure that you'll have the best attendance. If there are any last-minute changes that people need to know, this is also a great way to communicate that information. And, when you send a message or an invitation as an eCard, you can see if it was viewed so you know who received your communication.
  2. Follow up! After your event, it's easy to send a 'Thank You' eCard to your attendees. You can even attach a CorpNote Online Survey (included in your CorpNote membership) asking for feedback on the event, which is a crucial element for following up sales, educational or other presentations/events that can benefit from timely and confidential participant evaluations.

Save Time, Save Money.

Make it Special. Reinforce your Brand. Have fun!

Online Invitations save you time and money in a number of ways. By automating the RSVP process, your company's employees will spend less time – and require fewer people – to effectively manage responses.

If your company or department is responsible for managing many events throughout the year, then an online RSVP solution is an indispensable tool.

Here are a few ways that CorpNote eases the challenge of organizing and running multiple events:

  • Events can take place on a single day, or can span a range of days.
  • Since your membership lets you manage multiple events for the same monthly cost, you may wish to create different events that let people sign up for different days, or different courses or sessions on the same day.
  • Once you've created an event, it can be easily copied to start a new event. This makes it especially efficient for people that host similar events throughout the year. Simply copy a current or past event, modify the date (or anything else you want to change) and save as a new event.
Use CorpNote's invitation designs or upload artwork or photos of your own.

Communicate Better!

Convenient. Effective. Memorable.

Having a great online invitation is only a part of your success... You also need a robust way of getting your message out. That's where CorpNote shines!

  • CorpNote is 100% mobile compatible. All our eCards, RSVP forms and surveys look great on mobile, so you'll reach the widest audience possible.
  • All of CorpNote's event management tools used to create, send and monitor your online invitations are mobile compatible, so you can manage your events on the go.
  • Your company's logo and branding are important. CorpNote gives you many opportunities to customize your communications to match your business branding, lending credibility and trustworthiness to your message, and supporting your other marketing efforts.
  • CorpNote is scalable to fit your company's needs. Does your company have different people managing multiple events? CorpNote's Multi-user Membership lets you add users that can manage their own events and customize their eCards to match their division, product or area of specialty. We give you administrator tools to add or remove additional users as needed, and Multi-user members pay a reduced per-user price.
Online invitations with your company branding.

Great Value. Awesome Options. All Year 'Round!

Easy to Use. Cost Effective. Fully Customizable.

We also have winter holiday party online invitations with RSVP.

There's so much more you can do with CorpNote than just managing events. Since your CorpNote Membership gives you unlimited access to all our eCards, you can create and easily maintain effective eMarketing campaigns throughout the year. Here are some other ways to get value (and grow your company) using CorpNote:

  • Online Holiday eCards – We have a great selection of holiday cards for business. You can select any of our designs (or upload your own custom artwork) and pre-schedule eCards to go out any day in the future, making it easy to share your year end message with friends, colleagues and clients.
  • Recurring Birthday and Anniversary eCards – You can upload your employees' and clients' birthday and anniversary dates into your online contact manager and CorpNote will send them a personalized card you've designed automatically, year after year. This is great for customer appreciation and employee recognition – or for anyone that wants an easy way to show that they care on a regular basis.
  • Thank you cards and business reminders/announcements – eCards are the perfect solution for any time you want to reach out. Having a CorpNote account means that sending a message that's special can be as quick and easy as sending an email. All our eCards can be customized with your logo, contact information and social media links. Not only will your messages appear more professional, but we help you communicate better and give people more ways to keep in touch with you to keep the conversation going!

Learn more about customizing the CorpNote interface to match your company branding.

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