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Keep in touch with clients, co-workers and family with Seasons Greetings eCards

Online Seasons Greetings cards are a great way to show appreciation to employees, customers, colleagues and friends. When celebrating the holidays in a business setting, take into consideration that your contacts may be from different religious backgrounds, and some may not follow a religion at all.

Over the last decade, many companies have shifted entirely to sending season's greetings eCards by email or displaying them on their website, rather than sending out printed cards via postal mail. This has been fueled by many companies' "go green initiatives" and quest for cost savings. These days, it is widely acceptable to send season's greetings eCards electronically, and the added benefit to senders is that they can track who picked up their eCards, when they viewed them and how many times they were seen.

Sending holiday cards electronically also opens up the possibility of continued communications with your recipients – our members often tell us that people hit "reply" to the eCard email, and send them a note in return. That extra level of communications simply doesn't exist with printed holiday cards.

Another business benefit to sending electronic holiday cards is that, once you clean up your email list and send your cards, it is extremely easy to MAINTAIN that electronic relationship with your coworkers, acquaintances or customers. CorpNote has cards for many business occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, invitations and announcements so you can stay in touch all year round.

Facebook and other Social Media sites are also great venues for posting season's greetings cards. Using CorpNote's direct link feature, you can link to your greeting card from any social media site, blog, or website. Just send it to yourself, and then use the "Direct Link" or Social Media "Share eCard" buttons.

Turn any Season's Greetings Card into an Online Invitation

Are you having a holiday party this year? With CorpNote, you can easily turn any eCard into an online invitation complete with electronic RSVP. Learn more about online invitations.

Tips for sending online Seasons Greetings eCards

Maintain Great Relationships while Reducing your 'Carbon Footprint'

Season's Greetings eCards are a terrific way to express gratitude to clients, customers, employees and friends for the successes and friendships made in the past year, and to wish success and happiness in the year ahead. For businesses, this gesture has a long history in printed holiday cards. But with improvements in technology and an ever-present consciousness toward ecologically-friendly communications alternatives, the electronic greeting card, especially during the holiday season, has found a permanent place in our modern business culture.

When should you send Season's greetings eCards?

Season's Greetings eCards can be sent any time between Thanksgiving and New Year's. CorpNote allows you to develop your email address list well in advance, design and save a card design or multiple designs, and schedule a date in the future to have your card delivered.

Why use an eCard Service?

Instead of sending eCards using your company's email system, you might want to consider the advantages of using an eCard service to design and send holiday eCards. Understanding the differences will help you decide what makes the best business sense for your company.

If you are thinking about sending electronic greeting cards for the holiday season this year, please read our informative guide, "Everything you ever wanted to know about sending Season's Greetings Holiday eCards."

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