Why Send Thank You eCards?

Nothing says "Thank You" like a $10,000 gold watch… Unfortunately, not many people wear watches these days. Fortunately, just about everyone has email! That means that, in addition to considerable cost savings, you can easily show your appreciation to others much more effectively by sending Thank You ecards!

Business eCards are a fast and affordable way to send professionally designed, memorable messages that can be customized to enhance your company's branding.

Send thank you eCards to customers and employees using your desktop computer, tablet, mobile device or phone.

Thank You eCards are a great way to show your appreciation to staff and customers.

Here are some great ways to use Thank You eCards for business throughout the year...

  • Meeting follow-up: Send Thank You eCards immediately after a sales call or meeting. Our eCards can be sent from any mobile device, so you can impress your recipient with a timely follow up message even while on the road!
  • Show appreciation: eCards are a great way to instantly thank someone when you receive a gift. Like a hand-written note, CorpNote's eCards all have a place for you to write a personalized message where you can express your appreciation. eCards are delivered immediately, and you can even see when they are picked up so you know your message has been read.
  • Recognize customers and coworkers: Thank You eCards are also a tremendous way to show your appreciation to staff and clients. CorpNote lets you create 'groups' of contacts that can represent different teams of employees in your company, or different types of customers. When a group reaches a milestone, like a work or business anniversary, it is quick and easy to show appreciation by sending a professionally designed eCard that is personalized with your company logo and message. If you need even more customization, you can upload your own card designs into our system, or opt for one of our account options that lets you customize our site and card delivery to look more like your own company's website.

CorpNote Membership – Thank You eCards and much, much more...

Never underestimate the power of a Thank You card

A monthly CorpNote membership lets you send an unlimited number of Thank You eCards, Birthday and Anniversary eCards, and electronic greetings for many other business occasions. Our easy-to-use online service lets you keep all your contacts and favorite card designs ready to go, for any time you need to send a message that's professional and memorable. Just sign into your CorpNote account from any web browser or mobile device and you'll be composing and sending great looking eCards in no time.

All CorpNote memberships – from an Individual plan to a large Multi-user deployment – include unlimited access to our entire suite of integrated eCard, Online Invitation and Online Survey tools. With CorpNote, you can even add an Online Invitation or Online Survey to your Thank You eCard.

Here are some creative ways to use invitations and surveys along with your Thank You message:

  • Online surveys are a great way to find out more about your customers' satisfaction after a sale or project. After you do business with a client or customer, you can send a Thank You card that contains a link to a follow-up survey asking for feedback on how pleased the customer was with the transaction and the product.
  • Thank You eCards can also be sent with an RSVP link to register for an event, like an employee/customer appreciation reception. While a 'Thank You' by itself will surely be appreciated, an invitation to a party is a great way to take your appreciation to the next level!
Thank you eCards can be combined with customer satisfaction surveys for a wide range of uses.

Time-saving Tools to Communicate Faster and Better

Thoughtful. Appreciative. Memorable.

Do you find yourself pressed for time? You are not alone… CorpNote was designed for busy professionals and allows you to save all your favorite card designs, messages and contacts to make it easy and fast to send professional, customized eCards for any occasion! Here's a short list of ways to save time when creating your eCards:

  • Message Helper – Are you ever lost for words? Our Message Helper lets you choose from one of our pre-written messages to let you quickly compose your eCard message.
  • Save Favorites – Save your preferred eCard designs, color and font selections and personal signature layout as 'favorites' for quick access when you are creating new correspondence.
  • Create eCard Templates – Save – and if you are a Multi-user plan administrator, share – your favorite completed eCards, invitations and surveys as 'Templates' to quickly address and send.
  • Mobile Friendly – Not only is the entire CorpNote system mobile-compatible, but once you have saved an eCard as a template, you can quickly send it using your smartphone. Send your eCards, Invitations and Surveys to anyone, from anywhere – in seconds – using our mobile-friendly 'QuickSend' feature.

Improve Customer Retention with Recurring Thank You eCards

Easy. Affordable. Notable.

CorpNote's 'Recurring eCard' tool lets you automate the sending of cards month-after-month and year-after-year. This feature can be a tremendous helper in retaining customers that you have done business with in the past. Every time you enter a contact into your CorpNote online address book, you can list an 'anniversary date' or a 'start date'. Once someone is set up, you can tell CorpNote to send them a 'Thanks for your Business' eCard every year (or month, half year, etc.) so your company is top-of-mind the next time they need your product or service.

Some of our members even include a special offer as a 'thank you incentive' when sending their eCards. You can customize this message in your eCard text, or upload a picture to serve as a coupon for them to print.

Send thank you eCards to customers and employees using your desktop computer, tablet, mobile device or phone.

Are there more people in your company that would benefit from sending Thank You eCards?

CorpNote Multi-user Membership is a perfect solution!

CorpNote also offers a 'Multi-user Membership' that lets different people in your company each have their own CorpNote account, at discounted prices.

Customize our website to match your company branding when sending thank you eCards.

Here are some ways our Multi-user Membership might be good for your company:

  • Does your business have regional managers in charge of employee recognition for their teams, or that manage their own list of clients? Each employee in your Multi-user plan will have their own account with their own address book contacts, a personal signature that can be customized with their contact information and brand or division logo, and can create and manage their own surveys and events.
  • When a Multi-plan user sends a thank you eCard to a customer, the recipient can click 'reply' to the card, and communicate back directly with the sender. (In our years of experience, we've seen many times that a reply to an eCard has led to an ongoing dialogue, which has enhanced the business relationship!)
  • Our Multi-user memberships allow one person in your company to become the 'Plan Administrator'. As the plan administrator, you can create a CorpNote account for anyone in your company so they can send eCards to their own list of employees or customers. If your employees' accounts are not needed all year 'round, then you can activate their account as needed, like for holidays or when they need to do a survey or a product promotion.
  • An additional benefit to our multi-user plans is that you can customize the entire CorpNote website to match your organization's branding, and create company-specific eCard templates to share with your company's users, for them to send to their own contacts.

Learn more about customizing the CorpNote interface to match your company branding.

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