Sending Christmas eCards for Business

Share the Spirit of the Christmas Season – Easily and Affordably!

Online Christmas cards are a thoughtful, easy and economical way to share holiday wishes with employees, customers, colleagues and friends!

Over the years many companies have switched from sending printed Christmas cards to sending electronic greeting cards.

Our online Christmas eCards are compatible with desktop computers, tablets, mobile devices and phones.
Christmas eCards are perfect for sharing with colleagues and friends.

Sending eCards has many advantages over sending your holiday greetings via regular mail:

  • Cost savings — With Christmas eCards, there's no printing costs, no postage costs, and no time lost stuffing envelopes, addressing envelopes and sticking on postage. CorpNote has affordable monthly memberships that let you send an unlimited number of eCards each month, with no long-term commitment. That makes CorpNote perfect for sending your Christmas and New Year cards each year… you only pay for the time that you need us!
  • Variety and flexibility — We have a wide variety of Christmas cards (and non-religious cards for many occasions) that are designed for business. You can customize the style of your eCards, add your company logo and company information, and compose messages that are exactly what you want to say. And if you find yourself at a loss for words, we have a 'message helper' that will suggest sayings and let you store your own messages for future use.
  • People can 'Reply' to eCards — Every year we hear heart-warming stories from our customers about someone replying to their eCard that they haven't heard from in years! Since each CorpNote eCard gets sent directly to your recipient using your email address as the 'reply' address, it's easy for people to respond… which is another great reason for sending electronic greetings cards instead of printed cards this holiday season.

Try CorpNote risk-free for 10 days! – CorpNote's Individual Membership ($20/month) comes with a 10-day satisfaction guarantee. Simply sign up and use the service as much as you like for the first 10 days...if you're not completely happy then cancel your membership and ask us for a full refund. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority! Compare membership plans...

There's Lots of Ways to Share Electronic Christmas Cards

Thoughtful. Appreciative. Memorable.

CorpNote's Christmas eCards let you...

  • Send your year-end holiday message to people's email inbox as eCards that look great on both desktop and mobile.
  • Post your Christmas/holiday eCards on your social media channels.
  • Share links to your Christmas card via text message or on your company website.

See how CorpNote Holiday eCards work...

Save Time, Save Money, Communicate Better... and more often!

Make it Special. Reinforce your Brand. Have fun!

In addition to offering a wide assortment of holiday eCard designs, CorpNote also lets you upload your own artwork to further customize your company's Christmas or New Year's message.

If you are a planner and a forward-thinker, you can set up this year's and next year's Christmas eCards to be sent using our 'recurring card' feature, which lets you pre-schedule and automate the sending of any type of eCard, day-after-day, month-after-month and year-after-year!

We offer a wide assortment of holiday and Christmas eCard designs or upload your own.

Sending Christmas eCards with CorpNote opens up many possibilities that simply don't exist with sending printed holiday cards...

  • Easily extend the relationship throughout the year — One of the toughest parts of sending year-end Christmas cards is creating your mailing list. By using CorpNote's flexible Online Address Book, once you create your email list and send your cards, it is extremely easy to MAINTAIN that electronic relationship with your coworkers, acquaintances and customers. In addition to sending Christmas cards, you'll find MANY WAYS to use CorpNote throughout the year, for many other business occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, invitations and news announcements, so you can stay in touch well beyond the holiday season.
  • Make your Christmas or Holiday eCards into Party Invitations or Year-end Surveys — CorpNote's three main tools – eCards, Online Invitations and Online Surveys – are all integrated to let you seamlessly blend any holiday or special-occasion eCard campaign with your event or survey needs. By having all of your contacts, art and correspondence history in one place, you can easily and affordably accomplish many important tasks that would be daunting if you attempted themseparately.
  • You can try CorpNote risk-free for 10 days — CorpNote's Individual Membership comes with a 10-day satisfaction guarantee. Simply sign up and use the service as much as you like for the first 10 days...if you're not completely happy then cancel your membership and ask us for a full refund. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Build and Reinforce your Company Branding with CorpNote

Easy. Affordable. Notable.

As a CorpNote Member, you can customize your holiday eCards with your company's logo, company colors, contact information and social media links. CorpNote provides...

Multi-user Memberships let all your employees send Christmas and Holiday eCards

Easy to Use. Cost Effective. Fully Customizable.

Are you looking for a way to allow select employees in your company to send their own Season's Greetings holiday eCards? CorpNote's Multi-user Membership lets you give key employees in your company their own company-branded CorpNote account that they can use to create their own eCards at reduced cost-per-user pricing. Here's how it works...

When you join CorpNote as a Multi-user member, one person in your company becomes the 'Plan Administrator'. As the plan administrator, you can customize the entire CorpNote website to match your organization's branding, and create eCard templates, which can be shared with selected employees to help ensure brand consistency.

You can then create a CorpNote account for anyone in your company that wants to send Christmas or holiday eCards to their own list of contacts. If your employees' accounts are not needed all year 'round, then you can de-activate their accounts after the Christmas season, so you're only paying while the accounts are needed.

Customize our website to match your company branding when sending your season's greeting and Christmas eCards.

Multi-user accounts are great for...

  • Companies that have different brands or products, that want to personalize their holiday cards for those divisions.
  • Marketing or communications managers that want to offer affordable eCard, online invitation and online survey tools year-round to their management team, but need to meet certain brand or message guidelines.
  • Businesses with regional managers that want to send holiday greetings to their own team.

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