Special Edition: Tips for Holiday eCards, Invitations and Surveys

Holiday eCards and Invitations are as easy as 1-2-3!

Whether you're the owner of a small business or an administrator for a large company, here are tips for not only making the sending of holiday eCards a lot less stressful but ways to improve your business relationships year 'round.

Contact Management

Start gathering and refining your holiday eCard list now rather than waiting to the last minute. This article contains tips for cleaning and refining your email lists, backing up your contacts, managing recipient subscription preferences and more. We also included tips for making the most of your CorpNote Address Book including setting recurring holiday cards that can automate much of the holiday eCard sending process each year.

Creating & Sharing eCards

Even if you are familiar with sending holiday eCards, these tips will help make the process less labor intensive and hopefully even better received by your eCard recipients. Topics include tips for designing a customized holiday eCard, how to use templates, how to share your eCards on your website or in social media, and how to best track who's viewing your holiday eCards.

Holiday Events and Invitations

From creating and sending your holiday party invitations to following up before and after the event, we're here to help! Just follow these tips for managing your invitation list, sending your invitations, monitoring responses, communicating with your guests and following up after the party. Holiday party planning has never been easier!

Creating Custom Holiday eCards

Creating your own custom eCard imagery can be rewarding and special to you and your eCard recipients. You can even do it from your mobile phone. It's super fun and pretty easy! Here are some tips for creating your own custom holiday eCards this season.

QuickSend eCard Templates

The holidays provide lots of business and personal networking opportunities. We've made it easy for you to quickly send a personalized follow up eCard with your contact information in less than 30 seconds. There's no app to download and it is included with your membership.

Corporate Holiday eCards

Companies of all sizes use our holiday eCards because they are advertising free and our service can be customized to meet their business needs. They can also change our website to look like their brand including changing the logo, colors and links. This feature is included in our Multi-User Plan Memberships which have all of the features available to Individual Members, plus several significant additional advantages.

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