QuickSend Holiday eCards

When you meet someone, you can send a quick, personalized follow up eCard with your contact information in less than 30 seconds.

The holidays provide lots of networking opportunities. We've made it super easy for you to keep the conversation going and to continue to make a great impression while you're on the go! With CorpNote's QuickSend you can send a quick, personalized follow up eCard with your contact information in less than 30 seconds. There's no app to download and it is included with your membership.

Here's How it Works

Create QuickSend eCard Templates in Advance

QuickSend eCards are a perfect solution for keeping in touch after you meet someone at a networking event or a holiday party.

Create a few cards for different occasions such as 'it was nice meeting you,' 'thank you' etc. Send the eCard to yourself and make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to. This is exactly how it will appear to the people you send your card to. Once you finalize how you want it to look, you can save it as a QuickSend eCard template.

From your Sent eCards bin, select 'Save as a QuickSend Template' from the drop down menu from any eCard. Enter the information that will help you find it easily while you're on your mobile device. You can also organize them by assigning them to categories such as thank you cards.

Bookmark QuickSend on Your Mobile Device

Go to https://www.corpnote.com/qs/ and bookmark the page in your web browser or choose 'Add to Home Screen' on your Apple device. Then sign into your account and preview your QuickSend cards to make sure they are displaying so you can easily recognize them.

Send your eCards

When you meet someone that you want to keep in touch with, bring up the QuickSend screen, choose your eCard template, enter their email address and their name (optional), and click send. You can also automatically add their contact information to your address book by checking the box 'Add to address book' when sending the QuickSend card.

Track your eCard Pickup

After sending a QuickSend eCard, you can see when your eCard is picked up and add the new contacts to your address book. You can view the eCard tracking information like any other sent eCard.

Go to your Sent eCards bin and you will see your QuickSend eCards identified with a QuickSend icon next to them. You can also search to view only the eCards you have sent through QuickSend.

Additional Tips for Using QuickSend

NEXT: More Branding for your Holiday eCards.

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