Automate the Sending of eCards - Month after Month and Year after Year

Recurring eCards are perfect for ensuring your communications get sent (even if you forget) and for any campaign that requires a scheduled series of notices. Our Recurring eCard feature enables you to completely automate the process of sending online greeting cards such as holiday eCards, birthday and anniversary eCards, reminders, marketing campaigns and more.

Here's how it works

Step 1: Create Your eCards

Create eCard templates using our designs or your own and customize them with your logo and contact information. Then select the eCard templates you want to include in the recurring eCard series.

Choose from eCard templates that are made from our eCard designs or your own.

Step 2: Choose your Contacts

Select the contacts in your address book that will receive your eCards.

Select the contacts that should receive the recurring eCard.

Step 3: Schedule your eCards

Choose the frequency or date to send the eCards (such as birth date) and track pickup.

Choose the frequency or date for the eCards to be sent and track pickup.

Recurring eCards make it easy to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, send reminders and more!

CorpNote allows you to create and maintain multiple Recurring eCard campaigns. For instance, you may have two recurring birthday campaigns – one for employees and one for customers – which each have different messages and birthday card images.

Which CorpNote Plan is Right for You?   

Personalized Recurring eCards are Perfect For:

  • Birthday eCards and anniversary cards
  • Employee Milestones
  • Reminding clients to schedule appointments/checkups
  • Holiday eCards
  • Sales Campaigns and Announcements
  • any campaign that requires a scheduled series of notices

Never Forget a Birthday, Anniversary or other Special Occasion

  • Create an unlimited number of recurring eCard campaigns
  • Customize recurring eCards, invitations and surveys with your company information, logo, colors and links to your website and social media
  • See statistics on who views your recurring eCards and easily follow up
  • When adding new contacts, easily add them to recurring eCard campaigns. They can immediately start receiving a scheduled series of eCards.

For more information, view our Recurring eCard tutorials.

Anniversary and birthday eCards are great for customer appreciation and employee recognition initiatives.

What people are saying about CorpNote

"This year my office decided to take an eco-friendly, fast approach to extending holiday greetings to company contacts... Using the CorpNote platform was fast, easy, stress free, and it reduced the cost (staff time and funds) dramatically."

~ Linda V. Leonard, Office Administrator, Premier Advocacy

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