Special Edition: Tips for Holiday eCards, Invitations and Surveys

Creating Custom Holiday eCard Designs with Photos/Images

While many of our customers will use our eCard designs this holiday season, some are already busy making their own unique eCard designs. Creating your own custom eCard imagery can be rewarding and special to your eCard recipients. For example, you can create a holiday eCard with pictures of staff volunteering or your office/store decked out for the holidays. So, if you haven't thought about creating your own eCard, think again! There might still be time to dream up your idea and make it happen.

Our artists use Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator to create our eCard designs but there are many options available including taking a photo with your phone, editing it and uploading it to your CorpNote account. We are particularly fond of PIXLR.com because it's free and they also have a mobile application. If you like being creative, you should definitely check it out.

So, let's get started! If you haven't reviewed the tutorial for How to Create a Custom eCard from a Photo or Digital Art, you might want to do that before reading these tips.

Step 1. Create a Holiday eCard

If you are using an image on your mobile device, you can upload a photo or image right from your phone or tablet. You can skip steps one and two below or read our tutorial on how to Create a Custom eCard/Invitation in Pixlr on your mobile device. This is a terrific option especially if you want to create a photo montage with images you have on your device.

Image Size When Creating Artwork. We recommend a 4x3 aspect ratio, width to height, because CorpNote displays eCards best in portrait orientation. We also recommend that you avoid having thin lines and small text on your image because it can get distorted or unreadable when CorpNote resizes your final image to 600 pixels wide. That is why it is helpful for you to create your art in a size that is close to what it will be converted to when you upload your card. We recommend working at 600 or 800 pixels wide to ensure the best end result. (Note: 800 x 600 is the default image size when you create a new image in PIXLR.)

Using a Photo or Existing Image. When using a photo or other pre-existing art image, first make a copy so you don't overwrite your original file, and then scale it to fit the 600 x 450 (or your choice) pixel area to see how it looks when it's scaled down to a smaller size. You may have to crop out some of the image to make it fit the size and ratio you want, but this will give you an accurate idea of whether the art will look good at this specific size. If it doesn't, try using a higher resolution graphic or another graphic that will better fit the dimensions.

Add Embellishments and Text. In most graphic art or photo editing software, you can add various art embellishments including borders. There are also tools where you can draw your own elements. PIXLR.com offers a lot of cool special effects and ready-made art elements that you can use. Designing attractive art with it can literally take just a few minutes.

Step 2. Export the Image

If you used graphic software on your desktop computer, you will need to export your image to a compatible format listed below. Our sizing guidelines are as follows or you can follow the instructions in our tutorial mentioned above.

Step 3. Upload the Holiday eCard

You can upload up to 36 photos or graphic art designs to be used as eCards or invitations. Go to eCards > Manage Uploaded Designs and click the 'Upload' tab. You can do this from a desktop or mobile device - just follow the onscreen instructions. If you have questions, view the tutorial: How to Upload Your Own eCard/Invitation Design or Photo

Step 4. Send the Holiday eCard to Your Recipients

To use your new custom holiday eCards, go to the section for "create a new eCard" and click the "My Designs" tab. You will see all of your designs which you can then select and start composing your eCard as usual.

Enjoy being creative, and feel free to contact us if you have questions!

Tip: Many of our members also use CorpNote to send their personal holiday greeting cards. Don't forget you can also create a custom holiday card from a family photo, a photo montage you have created or any other photo you have the rights to use.

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