Special Edition: Tips for Holiday eCards, Invitations and Surveys

Corporate Holiday eCards - Customized to Seamlessly Match your Brand

Companies of all sizes use our holiday eCards because they are advertising free and our service can be customized to meet their business needs. One of the biggest features is the ability to customize the entire website, including the logo, colors and links. This makes the look of your corporate holiday eCards seamless with your other campaigns.

This feature is included in our multi-user plans. Your users will have all of the features available to Individual Plan Members, plus these significant additional advantages:

Customize the entire CorpNote website experience, including the ability to change the logo, colors and footer links to match your company brand. You can change the look for the holidays or any time of year that you feel like a little change. It's all under your control. The company branded interface is visible to your plan members when using CorpNote tools as well as to recipients who view eCards, invitations and surveys that are sent as part of the account. View the tutorial: Customize the Interface to learn more about uploading a logo, setting colors and more.

Manage users and their options by creating a user account for each of your members and controlling whether they can upload their own eCard designs or even whether or not they can use CorpNote card designs. We've given you multiple ways to ensure brand integrity and consistency. Plus, multi-user plans enjoy consolidated billing and 50% off our individual monthly membership rate.

Share eCard Designs and Templates. CorpNote lets you create and upload custom eCard designs and templates that can be shared with individual users you select or all of your users. You also have the choice to deny access to CorpNote's eCard designs and deny their ability to upload their own card designs. This limits them to be able to only use eCard designs you have uploaded and/or templates with any eCard design you want them to be able to use. Users can then select these 'ready-to-send' eCards with a single click, modify text as need and then send the cards to their recipients.

Just for the Holidays. We hope your Multi-User Plan Members will find good reasons to use CorpNote all year round and not just for the winter holidays; but, you can de-activate your user's accounts after the holiday season and wait to re-activate them next season (see the note below for an important consideration). As long as you minimally keep the Multi-User Plan Administrator's account activated (for $10/month) you won't have to pay the setup fee again, and we'll retain your Multi-User Plan Administrator settings such as uploaded card designs, templates, scheduled cards, recurring cards and more. Important Note: If you de-activate a user account and do not re-activate it within 60 days, all of their sent cards, address book contacts, scheduled cards etc. will be removed and cannot be retrieved when you re-activate the account.

An Example of a Holiday eCard in a Custom Interface

Administrators enjoy unlimited eCards, event management and online surveys as well as the ability to provide custom card designs, templates and more for their users.

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