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CorpNote's email automation tools are powerful, flexible and easy to use

Effective email marketing relies on your email contacts receiving consistent communications, but for most of us, manually sending email marketing or customer service messages is time consuming and often overlooked. Automating your email marketing campaigns is perfect for ensuring that your communications get sent — even when you get busy or forget!

Email automation tools for birthday, anniversary, holiday or interval-based email marketing campaigns

CorpNote is the perfect solution for sending automated anniversary and birthday email campaigns, holiday emails and sales flyers, online coupons, fundraising appeals, a new customer welcome email series, appointment and service reminders, follow-up surveys and more.

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Why Choose CorpNote?

Automated email sending • Flat-rate pricing • Real time reports & follow-up

  • Set unlimited automated email campaigns for a flat monthly fee
  • See real-time statistics on who views your automated email, and easily generate follow up emails based on who did or didn't view it
  • Customize all your emails with your company information, logo, colors and links to your website and social media
  • Easily add or remove contacts from your automated email campaigns
  • Easy unsubscribe management when contacts unsubscribe from your email lists they will be automatically removed from your automated email campaigns, saving you time.

Up to 2,500 address book contacts can be added to email automation lists.

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Expand Your Reach

Automated email sending integrated with all our email marketing tools

Automate the sending of eCards, email newsletters, email notices, online invitations and surveys to meet your needs and match your schedule.

  • Automated email campaigns – pre-schedule your emails to be sent on a specific date
  • Automate birthday and anniversary email campaigns – send annual birthday cards and employee work anniversary cards on their special day
  • Custom interval email automation – You pick how many days between each send. Perfect for email newsletters, sales flyers, reminders and more!
  • Recurring holiday automation – pre-design your messages, assign an email list of contacts, and our system does the rest.

Create multiple email templates for each automated email campaign, choose to send them in a particular order or at random, set the schedule, and assign an email list of contacts. We'll send your emails, track open rates and enable you to easily follow up with your contacts.

Flexible email automation for all types of email marketing campaigns.

Advertising Free • Highly Customizable

It's all about your brand and your message

You're in control! It's easy to customize your email campaigns with your logo, colors and photos.

Design your emails from scratch using our easy-to-use editor and image library, or easily adjust any of our ready-to-use email templates to match your company's brand, colors and message.

If you want even more customization or if you have multiple users, check out our additional branding options. Learn more
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Top 4 email automation questions

If someone on my automated email sending list leaves the company, or unsubscribes, what happens?

You can remove a contact from your address book, which will remove them from any email marketing automation groups they were assigned to. Alternately, you can remove a contact from an automated email campaign without affecting their contact information or history in your CorpNote address book. If someone unsubscribes from your email list, then the contact will be marked in your address book in red and you will no longer be able to send an email to that contact through CorpNote.

What types of emails can be sent using your email automation tools?

We offer four types of automated email campaigns to accommodate most people's email marketing needs. If you select 'Birthday' or 'Anniversary,' an email will be sent to a contact on the birth date, anniversary date or 'start date' specified in your address book. If you select 'Holiday,' your email will be sent on the holiday you choose, or up to 7 days prior to the holiday. If you select 'Interval,' your emails will start on a date you designate, and then send again on the interval you choose: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12 times a year. You can also enter any number of days (7 or more) as your interval, for even more flexibility.

Can I use CorpNote to automate my Microsoft Outlook emails?

No, our email automation tools only work with emails created within CorpNote. You can import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook into your CorpNote address book and then assign those contacts to your CorpNote automated email campaigns.

Can I mix email newsletters and business eCards in my automated email campaigns?

Yes! Business eCards, email newsletters and email notices (such as sales flyers) can be sent as an automated email campaign. You can also include CorpNote online invitations or online surveys in your automated email campaigns.

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Who is using CorpNote?

CorpNote's clients range from established Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses and non-profit organizations. View our Client List and Testimonials
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