Effective Birthday eCard Campaigns

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By Sarah Miller    8/24/2020

Birthday eCard campaigns are an easy way to keep in touch and show appreciation to the people who make your business successful. Whether you are creating a new birthday eCard campaign or refreshing one you set up years ago, here's how you can save time using email templates and email automation while also ensuring your contacts receive a personalized birthday email.

In this blog you'll see lots of birthday eCard design ideas to help you customize your own birthday emails, even if you are not using CorpNote or email automation.

Birthday eCard Campaigns are most effective if you follow these 4 steps.

Birthday eCard Campaigns in 4 Easy Steps

1. Define your Birthday eCard Goals

There are many ways that businesses use birthday eCard campaigns. Some of the most common are:

Setting clear goals for your birthday eCard campaigns will serve as a guide as you create your email lists and your birthday eCard content.

2. Segment your Birthday eCard Email Lists for More Personalization

Since your birthday eCard campaign goals will vary based on your audience, create separate email lists for the types of birthday eCard campaigns you want to run (i.e. employees, customers, donors, volunteers etc.) You can also further subdivide those email lists to make sure you are delivering the most personalized content to each audience. For example, you may have a different birthday eCard message for employees who are in different divisions.

Employee Birthday eCard campaigns can be set up for employees who are in different divisions.

Birthday eCard segmented for "East Coast" employees

Employee Birthday eCards can be personalized to include each person's first name.

Birthday eCard segmented for "West Coast" employees

3. Create your Birthday eCard Templates

Using Birthday eCard templates is a huge time saver and they are essential if you want to use email automation for your birthday eCard campaigns; but, sometimes they lack personalization. Here's how to ensure each birthday eCard recipient receives a personalized birthday email.

Keep your birthday campaign goals and your segmented email lists in mind as you create your birthday eCard templates. Ensure that the content of each eCard supports your goals and that they are personalized to each audience. Don't forget to also personalize your email subject line and email preheaders.

Nonprofits can send birthday eCards to their volunteers while also thanking them.

In this example, a nonprofit organization is sending a birthday eCard campaign to their volunteers while also thanking them for their contribution. Email automation further helps with the personalization of this email campaign by auto inserting the recipient's first name into the birthday eCard.

To ensure people receive different birthday eCards from year to year, create lots of different birthday eCard templates and send them randomly. This is an option if you are using CorpNote to send your automated email campaign.

Schools can send birthday eCards to employees and volunteers.

Many schools and educational facilities use CorpNote to send birthday eCard campaigns to employees as well as volunteers. In this example, we demonstrate how an art school can send a birthday eCard campaign to their volunteers and also include a gift card that is redeemable online.

4. Automate your Birthday eCard Campaigns to Send Year-After-Year

Let CorpNote do the work! Once you have created your email lists and birthday eCard templates, you can easily automate your birthday eCard campaigns. In just a few minutes, you can create multiple, personalized birthday email campaigns that will send your well wishes to the people who help make your organization successful.

Need to add more people to your birthday eCard campaign? No problem! Just add new contacts to your birthday email lists and CorpNote will automatically add them to the automated email campaigns assigned to that email list. You can also remove contacts from your email lists or address book and they will automatically be removed from your automated email campaigns.

The following birthday eCard campaign was designed for customers.

Customer Birthday eCards can be sent with coupons to email list subscribers.

This birthday eCard's goal is to drive business by including a birthday coupon for people who subscribed to the company's email newsletter.

Birthday eCards can be customized to include the customer's first name in the eCard greeting.

This birthday eCard promotion was designed for VIP customers who pay for a monthly flower delivery service and get a freebie on their birthday.

Now it's your turn to dream up your next birthday eCard campaign or freshen up your existing one.

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Need help?

Give us a call today and we can help you come up with birthday eCard campaign ideas that will help you reach your goals.

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