How to Send an Email Newsletter - DIY vs. Using an Email Newsletter Service

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By Michael Miller    2/8/2020

Have you created an awesome message that you need to send to people as an email notice or email newsletter? You could create the message in your email program and send it yourself to your contacts, or you could create and send it using an email marketing service, like CorpNote. Here's the pros and cons of sending it DIY, and some reasons why you may be ready to up your game!

How to Send an Email Newsletter

An email based email marketing service helps you create a customized email, manage email lists and automate how and when your emails are sent. CorpNote's email marketing tools provide you with features that go beyond the capabilities of regular email, and are specifically designed for professionals that are sending eCards, email newsletters and visually-rich email messages for ongoing business or marketing use.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of the pros and cons of sending your "DIY email newsletters and communications" via regular email, and the benefits of using CorpNote.

Creating your email

DIY / Regular email CorpNote Email Marketing Services
Create and insert your own artwork Create and insert your own artwork as well as choose from hundreds of pre-made eCard designs, email newsletter templates and a library of images.
Compose message text in your email editor Compose message text with MS Word-like tools or use our email template library for ideas.
Customize an email footer (required for business email campaigns) CorpNote lets you create email templates for fast access, and lets you easily add a custom footer with your name, company, slogan, address & web address, company logo and social media links. Your footer can be auto inserted into every email you create, and can be customized each time you create an email.
'Unsubscribe' option – Giving recipients a choice to unsubscribe from your emails is a requirement for US businesses. If you send commercial or sales email DIY, you'll have to manage this manually. CorpNote inserts an unsubscribe link that automatically updates your contact list for you.
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Managing your Email Lists

DIY / Regular email CorpNote Email Marketing Services
You'll need to manually address your emails, using the 'To', 'CC', or 'BCC' fields in your email. Adding addresses is limited in email, with a max of 100 recipients in Outlook, and limited to between 100 and 500 in many online email services, like Gmail. In addition, emails that are sent with large "cc or bcc" lists may get blocked as SPAM. CorpNote has an online address book so you can send email to up to 2,500 contacts at a time. By creating 'email lists' of contacts, you can send different messages quickly to different groups - and the same contact can be in multiple email lists. When email is sent, everyone receives their own copy and there's no big 'cc' list.
Using the 'To' or 'CC' field exposes everyone's email address. This information should always remain private. Everyone gets their own individual email with your email address as the 'from' and 'reply to' address, so it is easy for them to recognize you and to follow up. Since individual emails are sent, there's no 'cc' list to expose others' addresses or possibly get blocked by junk filters.
Everyone gets the same email, without personalization. With CorpNote, you can personalize your message by auto-inserting the recipient's first name in your eCard or email newsletter.

Sending your eCard, email notice or email newsletter

DIY / Regular email CorpNote Email Marketing Services
With regular email you can click "send" right away or you can save a draft and manually send it later. CorpNote gives you lots of options for how and when to send your emails. You can take any new or saved email and click 'send now'; you can schedule an email to automatically be sent on any date in the future; or you can create automated email campaigns that send year after year for occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, holidays, monthly announcements or other scheduled dates that meet the needs of your email campaigns.
With most email there is no way to see who has viewed your message. Every email sent is tracked, and you can see when your messages are viewed, by whom and how often they viewed them. By knowing the success rate of your email delivery, you can easily follow up to ensure that the most people possible see your message.

For many people, successfully sending their email message is the end of the journey. While a great Season's Greetings eCard or occasional email newsletter about your company MAY mark the end of an awesome year or selling season, we prefer to think beyond that single point of contact. If you are running a business (and most of CorpNote's customers are), every time you communicate, you are building your company brand and developing customer or employee relationships. That's why we provide lots of ways to easily CONTINUE the conversation with your email contacts! Here are a few examples of how we can make your email marketing and lead generation campaigns more effective, while also being more time efficient.

Ways to Follow Up after Sending an email notice, email newsletter or eCard

DIY / Regular email CorpNote Email Marketing Services
When you send an email, your recipients can get back to you by clicking 'reply'. When you send a CorpNote email notice, email newsletter or eCard, your recipients can also get back to you by clicking 'reply'.
With regular email you never really know who has received and seen your message. If your email is important, then there's no graceful way to follow up. CorpNote provides real-time stats on who sees your email, when they read it and how often they viewed it. If you want to follow up, it's just a few clicks to send a new message to everyone that's viewed the email, the same email to only to those who have not viewed it or a completely new email notice, email newsletter or eCard to the same group of contacts.
If you want to do a similar email campaign in the future, you'll need to make sure you can find a saved copy of your email and modify it. CorpNote lets you save all eCards and email notices as email templates for fast access in the future. You can have as many email templates as you like and use them for future email campaigns.
With email, the time you've spent creating and sending an email notice, email newsletter or eCard is pretty much spent once the email is sent. CorpNote lets you leverage the usefulness of each email message you've sent by providing you with a direct link where the final email design can be viewed as an online web page. This link can be posted on your website for even more exposure – reaching people that aren't even on your email list. You can also post your email notice, email newsletter or eCard link directly in social media, share it directly with individuals, post it to social groups or pin it to the top of your company's social media landing page.

Creating and sending email marketing email newsletters and notices DIY may be low cost, but CorpNote's affordable marketing tools and professional delivery have saved time and money for thousands of customers since 2004. Our Individual Membership costs just $30 per month, and allows you full access to all our powerful email marketing tools, with unlimited email sending.

CorpNote isn't just email - its Online RSVP Invitations, Online Surveys and more...

Our email creation and delivery system is completely integrated with our flexible event management tools, with online RSVP, and our online survey tools. You can manage events, get answers to the questions that are most important to you and your organization, and make the most of your email list by using a single online marketing service that works in the office, at home or on the go! We hope you'll give CorpNote a try for your next email campaign, event or online survey needs! Give us a call with your questions, and to talk about how we can help save you time and money, and improve your business relationships.

Call us 9am-5pm EST, Monday through Friday at 609-406-1665, or contact us via our online form.

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