New Email Templates for Quick & Easy Email Campaigns

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By Sarah Miller    10/5/2020

Our pre-designed email templates will help you create your next email campaign in a flash. Simply choose an email template you like, customize it and you're ready to go.

In today's blog, I'll show you how to use an email template and customize it to match your branding. Then I'll wrap it up with examples of our new email templates that you can start using today.

New email templates to brighten your contact's inboxes

How to Use an Email Template

For this example, I am sending a birthday email to an employee.

1. I selected New Email Design from the navigation and used the occasion drop down menu to choose the birthday emails category.

Birthday email templates can be changed to your colors.

2. I previewed my selected birthday email layout with the default styles, my favorite styles and the reverse of my favorite colors. I chose the reverse of my favorite colors and clicked the Insert button.

My birthday email template shown with reverse colors.

3. I added a "greeting" and customized the text. I then checked the box to include my signature. This is my final birthday email.

Birthday email customized with colors, logo and signature.

I hope you enjoyed my mini tutorial on how to create a birthday email. For more detailed instructions on how to create any type of CorpNote email, visit our Quick Start Guides and Tutorials or give us a call.

New Email Templates

I hope you enjoy these new email templates as much as we enjoyed making them.

Our email template library includes birthday emails, work anniversary emails, invitations, reminders/notices, surveys and more. So no matter what the occasion is - CorpNote's email template library's got you covered!

Our new autumn themed email templates are starting to roll out this week. I'll give you some tips on how to use them in next week's blog.

Want to learn more about Email Templates?

Contact Us by phone or email.

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