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By Sarah Miller    9/15/2020

September is my favorite month of the year. The sunflowers in my garden are in full bloom, the weather is starting to cool down and the winter holidays with family and friends is not far away.

September is also a time that the kids are back in school and people are getting back to work after summer vacations. Granted, this year is a little different as we are all adjusting to the new normal but I think there is comfort in familiar routines.

One of my favorite September routines is brightening my office with sunflowers. In that spirit, I hope the email templates from our Sunflower Collection will brighten your contact's inboxes!

Email templates from our Sunflower Collection to brighten your contact's inboxes

In today's blog, I'll show you how I used email templates from the Sunflower Collection to create an email campaign for The Beautiful Flower Company. You can use these same email templates and customize them to match your branding to create your own email campaign.

How to Use an Email Template from the Sunflower Collection

1. Select New Email Design from the navigation and search keyword 'sunflower'. Choose an email layout with the default styles, your favorite styles or a reverse of your favorite colors.

  • Email template with default styles
  • Email Template Sunflower Collection Default
  • Saved Favorite Styles
  • Email Template Sunflower Collection Saved Favorites
  • Favorite Styles Reversed
  • Email Template Sunflower Collection Styles Reversed
Email Template Step 1

2. I selected the default styles and edited the text. I also used the image library to change the top sunflower and embellished with an additional sunflower.

Email templates can be edited with text and images

3. I removed the default logo and address place holder and checked the box to include my signature. This is my final email.

Email Template Sunflower Collection Step 1

10 Email Templates from the Sunflower Collection

The Sunflower Collection in our email template library includes sunflower-themed birthday eCards, work anniversary eCards, invitations, reminders, surveys, email newsletters, sales flyers and more.

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