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By Michael Miller    3/2/2021

Many of us procrastinate. And sometimes I'm one of them, so I feel hypocritical when I tell people to plan ahead. My expertise lies partially in helping people automate their business communications ahead of time to be more productive, so they can spend time on the business and leisure activities that matter the most.

Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 5 2021

Why do we procrastinate? There's lots of reasons… Maybe I'll answer that later. Today I want to talk about, what I like to refer to as, "Procrastinator's Regret".

Procrastinator's Regret occurs when the procrastinator (Note - I did not say 'you'…) puts something off BEYOND the reasonable time window for getting something done. The procrastinator knows a cutoff date is approaching, and starts to stress over it. And then they decide that it's too late to act, leading to procrastinator's regret.  

Case in point: this Friday, March 5, 2021, is Employee Appreciation Day. I'll bet there are some people (I did not say 'you'…) that thought it would be a good idea to do something nice for Employee Appreciation Day, but...um…haven't.

I talk to procrastinators the most during the winter holidays. People call me on December 23, often surprised that I am even in my office. The conversation usually starts out with a confession veiled in an apology: "I know I shouldn't have waited so long…but… "

Me: "Don't worry, it only takes about a half hour to fully set up a CorpNote account and to send your messages. Yes, you can do that now, and we're here to help you." Wash, rinse, repeat: enabling procrastinators, year-after-year.

Well, here we are, only four three days away from Employee Appreciation Day. My message is the same – you still have time! (Yes, I did say 'you'!) And here we go again, I'm enabling your procrastinating ways!
Think sending Employee Appreciation eCards is hard? Think again. It only takes 5 minutes. This video will show you how:

Customize & Send an Employee Appreciation eCard in less than 5 minutes with CorpNote

P.S. Do yourself a favor… While you're in your account, create an Employee Appreciation Day message for 2022. You can schedule it now, and avoid that procrastinator's regret for good! (We're here to help you.)

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