Time to Celebrate Halloween with New eCards

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By Sarah Miller    10/25/2022

It's time to check out our new Halloween eCard line and schedule your Halloween eCards to be sent on October 31st. You can also automate sending next year's Halloween eCards by setting up an automated email campaign.

If your business sells Halloween products, then sending email campaigns with your Halloween promotions and coupons is an easy task. But even if your business doesn't sell Halloween products, you can still have fun and celebrate the holiday with customers and employees. We've put together a list of ideas below.

New Halloween eCards to be sent and scheduled today.

Celebrating Halloween with Customers and Prospects

Halloween eCards for customers and prospects.

Drum up a little business. Let customers and prospects know that they can bring their kids by for a Halloween celebration by sending them an invitation to your Halloween office party. Our office always includes healthy snacks (as well as treats), easy games and coloring activities. Grown-ups love to color too!

Be part of the community. Have a Halloween food drive or clothing drive to help local centers in need. Decorate the area with festive, beautiful Halloween decorations.

Check out our Pinterest Halloween board where we have collected some elegant Halloween food, decorating and game ideas for Halloween office parties.

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Celebrating Halloween with your office mates

We're sure you can come up with many more ideas and feel free to share them with us!

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