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New Email Automation Features & Smokin' Hot Updates

New email automation features and updates for email campaigns

I'd like to say that summer's just got us 'chillin and grillin' but instead we decided to turn up the heat. Here's the scoop on what's new! Read More double_arrow


Yay! New Features & Updates

New email marketing features and updates for your email campaigns

You asked - we listened! Here's the scoop on what's new...and there's more coming soon! Make sure you're signed up for our email newsletter so you'll be the first to know for the next release. Read More double_arrow


Email Newsletters - DIY vs. Using an Email Newsletter Service

Pros and cons of sending an email newsletter using an email marketing service.

As part of our 'Marketing with Mike' series, Mike discusses the pros and cons of DIY email marketing and when it might be time to up your game to an email marketing service. Even if you are currently using an email marketing service, this blog has plenty of ideas you can add into your current email marketing mix. Read More double_arrow

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