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Holiday Greetings in a Crazy Year - What Can you Say?

What do you say in Holiday Greetings during a crazy year?

It's been a challenging year. What can you write in a holiday card that acknowledges the varying degrees of difficulty we have all experienced without negating someone's own experience? Today's blog provides examples of holiday messages with a bit of light humor plus a holiday greeting that thanks employees and gives a positive outlook to 2021. Read More double_arrow


Add Your Favorite Photos to Our New Holiday Email Designs

Holiday emails and eCards can be customized with your images.

In today's blog, we'll show you how to make holiday emails, eCards and invitations using your own images or images that you've found on a stock photography site. Read More double_arrow


Customize our New Holiday eCards with your Logo and Message

Holiday eCards for Thanksgiving and Season's Greetings.

The CorpNote elves have been hard at work making this year's holiday eCard line up the best ever! In today's blog, I'll show you how to customize a holiday eCard with your message, logo, company colors and more. Then I'll share some of our new holiday eCard designs so you can get started creating and scheduling your holiday eCard campaigns. Read More double_arrow


Holiday eCard Ideas – Simplicity, Ingenuity and Charity

Holiday eCard ideas and the Season for giving to charity

Today I was inspired by a customer who has a simple but ingenious idea for their Season's Greetings eCards, and I am hoping by sharing their idea I can inspire others. Read More double_arrow


New Animated Holiday eCards

Animated holidayAnimated holiday eCards are making a comeback eCards are making a comeback

Animated holiday eCards are making a comeback. Here's a preview of our new animated holiday eCards that are ready for you to customize and schedule to be sent this holiday season. Read More double_arrow


New Email Templates for Autumn & Thanksgiving Email Campaigns

New Thanksgiving email templates to brighten your contact's inboxes

Create your next email campaign in a flash with our new Autumn & Thanksgiving email templates. Whether you're sending Thanksgiving eCards or an Autumn-themed email campaign or both, CorpNote's got your covered. Read More double_arrow


How to Make an eCard

eCards are an easy, affordable way to keep in touch. Whether your someone that likes to make things yourself, are an aspiring artist that loves the opportunity to showcase their work, or you're with an established business that wants a more personalized way to communicate with customers and coworkers, this step by step guide to making an eCard is for you. Read More double_arrow


Top 5 Holiday eCard Designs of All Time

Here are our top 5 Holiday eCard design picks.

Greeting card styles change every year, so we create new holiday card designs and retire our older ones depending on whether they're still popular or not. In the past 14 years, we've seen that some holiday eCard designs remain popular year after year. Here's our top 5 eCards of all time. Read More double_arrow


Top 5 Favorite New Holiday eCard Designs

Grab a hot chocolate, tea or coffee and join CorpNote's president and founder as she shares her top 5 favorite new holiday eCard designs as well as a behind the scenes look at how they were created. Read More double_arrow


Halloween eCards and Office Party Invitations

Our Halloween newsletter provides unusual and clever ways to celebrate Halloween at the office.

Elegant Halloween parties and dazzling food displays inspired by Pinterest seem to be the trend this year. Many business are choosing 'pretty' Halloween decorations over the 'scarier' fare. Here's our collection of unusual and clever ways to celebrate Halloween at the office. Read More double_arrow


The Business of Halloween

Holiday eCards for Halloween business email marketing

If you sell Halloween products, then you know that sending email campaigns for your Halloween promotions and coupons is a great way to drive business. But what about Halloween celebrations for the average business? Here are some clever ideas for your next Halloween email campaign. Read More double_arrow


Winter Holiday eCards in July?

The official holiday season doesn't really start for 4 months but getting a head start really does make the season go more smoothly. Here's the scoop on our 2018 holiday eCard line, how to make/upload your own holiday eCard design and other helpful tips to make the winter holiday eCard season a lot less stressful! Read More double_arrow


Trends in Holiday eCards and Holiday Party Invitations

Many of our customers are sending holiday eCards and online holiday party invitations instead of the traditional postal mailing. eCards offer interactivity, card view tracking and much more that you just can't get from a printed greeting card. CorpNote's president discusses this year's holiday eCard and office party planning trends. Read More double_arrow


It's Holiday eCard and Party Planning Time and CorpNote 2.0 is Ready

Don’t panic if you haven’t started your holiday eCard or holiday party planning - we're here to help.

Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away - it’s early this year - November 23rd. Don’t panic if you haven’t started your holiday eCard or holiday party planning, CorpNote is here to help. With tips for getting your email list under control, creating custom holiday eCards, managing holiday parties and more, we've got you covered. Read More double_arrow


Holiday eCards and the CorpNote Plan that's Right For You

It's holiday eCard planning time and we have been receiving emails and calls asking similar questions about our service. To help answer your questions ASAP, here's a list of our top FAQs to help with your holiday eCard planning. Read More double_arrow


Saint Patrick's Day eCards - Get into the Green

CorpNote enables you to create your Saint Patrick’s Day eCards now and schedule them to be sent on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Most people know that Saint Patrick's Day is named after Saint Patrick but do you know where the tradition of wearing green and partying comes from? CorpNote's president gives the scoop on Saint Patrick's Day holiday traditions. Read More double_arrow


New Season - New Look - It's Holiday eCard Time!

Our new business holiday eCard line has already started to roll out.

Thanksgiving is only a little less than 3 weeks away and the hectic schedule of the winter holiday season has begun. Hopefully, CorpNote will help relieve some of the stress! We launched our redesigned public site today which will make it much easier to find what you are looking for. Read More double_arrow


It's time to start planning Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday Cards

It's definitely not too early to start thinking about holiday eCards and holiday party invitations. In fact, it's just the right time. Here's a quick primer on what you can do now to start preparing for sending your holiday eCards. Read More double_arrow


Valentine's Day eCards - We Love Having You as a Customer

Valentine’s Day eCards are not just for romance.

Valentine's Day eCards aren't just for romance! Here are some tips for sending Valentine's eCards to your customers and clients thanking them for their business. Read More double_arrow


Valentine's Day eCards - Share the Love with Customer Appreciation

For a retail business, Valentine's Day eCards can be used to promote a Valentine-themed sale or to provide coupons and discounts. But what if your company is a service? Valentine eCards can also be used for customer appreciation - here’s how. Read More double_arrow


Holiday eCard Blog Series - Multi User Plan Advantages

Companies of all sizes use CorpNote because it's advertising free and we provide lots of opportunity for our members to customize our service to meet their business needs. Company Members have all of the features available to Individual Plan Members, plus several significant additional advantages. Read More double_arrow


Holiday eCards that say more than Happy Holidays

Holidays are a great way of keeping in touch but how can you do it differently than everyone else? Here's how to get noticed in the crowd this holiday season. Read More double_arrow


Holiday eCard Blog Series - Holiday eCards with your Photos / Images

Creating your own holiday eCard imagery can be rewarding and special to your recipients. For example, you can create holiday eCards with pictures of staff volunteering or your office/store decked out for the holidays. Here's how to create your own holiday eCard. Read More double_arrow


Holiday eCards - Creating, Sharing and Tracking

Even if you are familiar with sending holiday eCards, our step-by-step guide will help make the process less labor intensive and hopefully even better received by your eCard recipients. Read More double_arrow


Thank You E-cards are a quick, professional way to say thank you for holiday gifts this season.

Read More double_arrow


Holiday eCards and Party Invitations - Blog Series Intro

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the kick off to the holiday season is about to begin. It's a fun time of year, but it can also be incredibly stressful. This year we'll be making it much easier for everyone with our new holiday blog series that focuses on the questions people ask the most, and linking to resources that will help you move forward easily and efficiently. Read More double_arrow


July 4th eCards and Party Invitations

Here are some July 4th eCard and invitation tips to kick off a successful holiday. Read More double_arrow


Father's Day eCards and Party Invitations

CorpNote's new Father's Day eCards have arrived and some of our members have shared with us the really creative ways they are using them. Here are our top pics! Read More double_arrow

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