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New Thanksgiving eCards & Email Templates

Thanksgiving eCards ready to be customized with your logo and message.

In today's blog, I'll show you how to easily customize a Thanksgiving eCard to match your branding. I've also included examples of our new Thanksgiving and autumn-themed email templates - perfect for sending invitations and newsletters. Read More double_arrow


How to Personalize & Automate your eCards

Easily Personalize your eCards

In today's blog, I'll show you how to easily create and send a personalized birthday card using one of our new animated eCards. You can also use these techniques to personalize other types of eCards for Season's Greetings, anniversaries and more. Read More double_arrow


Time to Celebrate Halloween with New eCards

Halloween eCards 2022

Our new Halloween eCards have been posted so you can schedule them today to be sent on the 31st!

If your business sells Halloween products, then sending Halloween promotions and coupons is an easy task but even if your business doesn't sell Halloween products, we’ve included some ideas how you can still have fun and celebrate the holiday with your customers and employees. Read More double_arrow


Mother's Day eCards

Mothers Day eCards and email campaign templates can be customized with your logo and message.

Today's blog features new Mother's Day eCards and email templates that you can personalize and automate. Perfect for sending to your favorite moms (and grandmas too) or for promoting Mother's Day sales. Read More double_arrow


Employee Appreciation eCards - Share the Love

New Employee Appreciation eCards and email campaign templates.

Whether you're sending encouragement and thanks to your entire staff for Employee Appreciation Day, or sending employee birthday and work anniversary eCards throughout the year, these communication touch points boost morale and are easy (and cost-effective) to send. Read More double_arrow


New Personalization Options for Holiday eCards

Personalized holiday eCards using email automation

This year we've made it even easier to personalize your holiday eCards AND save time. Now you can automatically add your recipient's first name, full name and company name anywhere in your email message and in your subject line too!

In today's blog, I'll show you how to easily create and send a holiday eCard that's personalized to each contact on your holiday email list. Read More double_arrow


New Thanksgiving & Season's Greetings eCards

Cross the sending of holiday cards off your 'to do' list with these new customizable holiday eCards. Just add your logo and message and schedule them now to be sent on the date you choose.

Whether you're looking to send a Thanksgiving eCard, a Season's Greeting, an eCard to ring in the New Year, or all three - CorpNote's got you covered. Read More double_arrow


New Mother's Day eCards & Coloring Pages

New Mother's Day eCard designs and coloring pages.

Today's blog features our new Mother's Day eCards and also announces our new coloring pages that you can download, color and share. Read More double_arrow


How to use Canva Images in your Email Designs

Using Canva Images in Email Designs

Canva is an online service that lets you add your own text to thousands of free image templates, which you can then export and use in many different applications, including email designs.

Today's blog provides tips for which Canva templates work best in an email and how to use Canva images in your own email designs. Read More double_arrow


Enabling Procrastinators, Since 2004

Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 5 2021

Employee Appreciation Day is the first Friday in March. Don't procrastinate - schedule your appreciation eCards now. It only takes 5 minutes. Our new video will show you how. Read More double_arrow


Building Employee & Customer Comradery with Appreciation Email Campaigns

New customer and employee appreciation eCards and email templates to brighten your contact's inboxes

Sending regular congratulations, birthday and anniversary eCards helps you easily and affordably stay connected with customers and co-workers. In today's blog, we show you how to easily customize an appreciation email campaign using our latest appreciation email templates. Read More double_arrow


Create Holiday eCards with your Logo and Message

Holiday eCards for Thanksgiving and Season's Greetings.

The CorpNote elves have been hard at work making this year's holiday eCard line up the best ever! In today's blog, I'll show you how to customize a holiday eCard with your message, logo, company colors and more. Then I'll share some of our new holiday eCard designs so you can get started creating and scheduling your holiday eCard campaigns. Read More double_arrow


Holiday eCard Ideas – Simplicity, Ingenuity and Charity

Holiday eCard ideas and the Season for giving to charity

Today I was inspired by a customer who has a simple but ingenious idea for their Season's Greetings eCards, and I am hoping by sharing their idea I can inspire others. Read More double_arrow


New Animated Holiday eCards

Animated holidayAnimated holiday eCards are making a comeback eCards are making a comeback

Animated holiday eCards are making a comeback. Here's a preview of our new animated holiday eCards that are ready for you to customize and schedule to be sent this holiday season. Read More double_arrow


Celebrate Employees & Customers with these Popular eCard Designs

Before we jump into the busy holiday season, now is the perfect time to set up or refresh email campaigns that show your appreciation year-round. Read More double_arrow


Effective Birthday eCard Campaigns

Four steps to effective birthday eCard campaigns.

Save time using email templates and email automation while also ensuring your contacts receive a personalized birthday email.

We've included lots of birthday eCard design ideas to help you customize your own birthday emails, even if you are not using CorpNote or email automation. Read More double_arrow


How to Make an eCard

eCards are an easy, affordable way to keep in touch. Whether your someone that likes to make things yourself, are an aspiring artist that loves the opportunity to showcase their work, or you're with an established business that wants a more personalized way to communicate with customers and coworkers, this step by step guide to making an eCard is for you. Read More double_arrow


Let Me Share a Secret – We're Not Really an eCard Company

For the average eCard sender that just wants to send a company holiday greeting card or an occasional birthday card, their needs might be better met going to one of our lower cost (or free) competitors. Here's why we're much more than a one-trick eCard pony. Read More double_arrow


Upload Your own eCard and Invitation Designs from Photos or Graphic Art

It's time to start planning your Seasons Greetings eCards and holiday party invitations and we're here to help! Get the tips and resources you need to get started now with creating your own custom eCards. As an early holiday present, we have increased the number of photos and graphic art designs that you can upload into your account. Read More double_arrow


Tips for Recognizing and Appreciating Your Company's Best Asset - Your Employees

Employee appreciation and employee recognition are used interchangeably but they are different.

This week's theme was inspired by Employee Appreciation Day which is March 2nd. The terms employee appreciation and employee recognition are often used interchangeably but they are actually two different things. We explain the difference and provide ideas for your employee appreciation and recognition efforts. Read More double_arrow


A Brand New CorpNote Just in Time for the Holidays

There's nothing like a little holiday cheer to spark our creativity as we are designing our new winter holiday eCard line. Even though it's a warm September day, I'm already playing holiday music and daydreaming of hot apple cider, snowflakes and jingle bells. Read More double_arrow


Holiday eCard Blog Series - QuickSend eCard Templates

The holidays provide lots of networking opportunities with business and personal holiday parties. To follow up, CorpNote's QuickSend eCard templates enable you to send a quick, personalized follow up eCard with your contact information using your phone or tablet. There's no app to download and it is included with your membership. Here's how it works in 3 easy steps. Read More double_arrow


Managing Holiday Party Invitations

Online invitations make holiday party planning much more efficient for both you and your guests. From creating and sending your holiday party invitations to following up before and after the event, CorpNote has you covered. Read More double_arrow

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