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Employee Appreciation eCards - Share the Love

New Employee Appreciation eCards and email campaign templates.

Whether you're sending encouragement and thanks to your entire staff for Employee Appreciation Day, or sending employee birthday and work anniversary eCards throughout the year, these communication touch points boost morale and are easy (and cost-effective) to send. Read More double_arrow


Email Campaign Success Guide & Checklist

Email Campaign Success Guide & Checklist for your email campaigns

Send your next email campaign with confidence! Avoid common and sometimes embarrassing mistakes with our easy-to-use Email Campaign Success Guide & Checklist.

Many checklists are solely focused on sales but our guide is for any type of email campaign. From start to finish, we'll help you achieve your email campaign goals and get results. Read More double_arrow


New Email Automation Features & Smokin' Hot Updates

New email automation features and updates for email campaigns

I'd like to say that summer's just got us 'chillin and grillin' but instead we decided to turn up the heat. Here's the scoop on what's new! Read More double_arrow


Schedule Appointments using CorpNote with Calendly

A Calendly link can be used in CorpNote emails.

Calendly is a web-based service that lets people sign up for an available time slot in your calendar. In today's blog, we'll show you how to easily insert a Calendly link into a CorpNote email. Read More double_arrow


How to use Canva Images in your Email Designs

Using Canva Images in Email Designs

Canva is an online service that lets you add your own text to thousands of free image templates, which you can then export and use in many different applications, including email designs.

Today's blog provides tips for which Canva templates work best in an email and how to use Canva images in your own email designs. Read More double_arrow


How to use Free Unsplash Photos in your Email Designs

How to use Unsplash Photos in Email Designs

CorpNote has a library of email templates with illustrations and photos but many people require specific imagery. One source of free photos that we recommend is

In today's blog, we'll show you how we use Unsplash and how you can use Unsplash when creating your own email designs. Read More double_arrow


Yay! New Features & Updates

New email marketing features and updates for your email campaigns

You asked - we listened! Here's the scoop on what's new...and there's more coming soon! Make sure you're signed up for our email newsletter so you'll be the first to know for the next release. Read More double_arrow


Email Templates for Autumn & Thanksgiving Email Campaigns

New Thanksgiving email templates to brighten your contact's inboxes

Create your next email campaign in a flash with our new Autumn & Thanksgiving email templates. Whether you're sending Thanksgiving eCards or an Autumn-themed email campaign or both, CorpNote's got your covered. Read More double_arrow


New Email Templates for Quick & Easy Email Campaigns

New email templates to brighten your contact's inboxes

Our pre-designed email templates will help you create your next email campaign in a flash. In today's blog, we'll show you how to use our email templates and customize them to match your branding. Then we'll wrap it up with examples of new email templates that you can start using today. Read More double_arrow


Celebrate Employees & Customers with these Popular eCard Designs

Before we jump into the busy holiday season, now is the perfect time to set up or refresh email campaigns that show your appreciation year-round. Read More double_arrow


New Email Templates - The Sunflower Collection

Email templates from our Sunflower Collection to brighten your contact's inboxes

In today's blog, we'll show you how we used email templates from the Sunflower Collection to create an email campaign for The Beautiful Flower Company. You can use these same email templates and customize them to match your branding to create your own email campaign. Read More double_arrow


How to send automated birthday cards when 2 people share the same email address

Automated birthday card campaigns when 2 people share an email address

Sometimes 2 people in your contacts list may be sharing the same email address. This becomes a challenge when you want to send each person an automated birthday card, since there’s only 1 birthday field in CorpNote’s address book.

This step-by-step article provides a creative solution, so each person that is sharing an email address can receive an automated birthday card. Read More double_arrow


Effective Birthday eCard Campaigns

Four steps to effective birthday eCard campaigns.

Save time using email templates and email automation while also ensuring your contacts receive a personalized birthday email.

We've included lots of birthday eCard design ideas to help you customize your own birthday emails, even if you are not using CorpNote or email automation. Read More double_arrow


How to Use Email Preheaders to Increase Email Open Rates

All about email preheaders and how they can improve your email open rate

Learn all about email preheaders and how to use them effectively to encourage better open rates. Get step by step instructions on how to write email preheaders (including examples) and how to control the email preheader text that displays in the inbox. Read More double_arrow


How to Increase Email Open Rates and Email Deliverability

How to improve your email deliverability and email open rate.

Want to reach more people? Learn what you need to know about email deliverability, email reputation and what you can do now to improve your email open rate. Read More double_arrow


Automated Email Campaigns You Can Do Today

Automated emails can be set for birthday email campaigns, holiday eCards and more.

Automated email campaigns can reduce tedious tasks and give you more time to build your business or connect with your employees. Best of all - setting up automated email campaigns is easy and helps ensure you are delivering the right message at the right time. Read More double_arrow


Tips for Sending Automated Email Campaigns

Email automation makes it easy to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, send reminders and more. If you haven't used this feature, here's the skinny on what it is, how it works and how you can make the most of automated email campaigns for your business. Read More double_arrow


Email Newsletters - DIY vs. Using an Email Newsletter Service

Pros and cons of sending an email newsletter using an email marketing service.

As part of our 'Marketing with Mike' series, Mike discusses the pros and cons of DIY email marketing and when it might be time to up your game to an email marketing service. Even if you are currently using an email marketing service, this blog has plenty of ideas you can add into your current email marketing mix. Read More double_arrow


Getting the Best 'Open Rate' for Your Email Campaigns

Email open rate is important to our members.

There are so many variables that affect open rate, such as email list quality, when and how often emails are sent, and the goal or purpose of an email campaign. Here are some factors and strategies to consider when putting together an email campaign to ensure that the 'open rate' is going to have its best chance for success. Read More double_arrow


Five Quick Tips for Creating Effective Email Subject Lines

One of the first and most important things your recipient sees when they check their email is the subject line. Here are 5 tips for creating effective subject lines that improve the chances that your email will be opened. Read More double_arrow


Winter Holiday eCards in July?

The official holiday season doesn't really start for 4 months but getting a head start really does make the season go more smoothly. Here's the scoop on our 2018 holiday eCard line, how to make/upload your own holiday eCard design and other helpful tips to make the winter holiday eCard season a lot less stressful! Read More double_arrow

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