Business Event Plannng Made Easy

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By Sarah Miller    8/29/2015

Update 4/9/2020: CorpNote 3.0: more tools, more power, more possibilities...

Got a business event to plan with a hefty guest list, a million things to budget, and a boss to impress? If you just answered yes, take a deep breath...inhale...exhale. Give your stress ball a good squeeze or two. Now here are some tips that will save the day...

Set Your Event Budget (Most Important)

Here are some ideas for unusual locations: Aquariums, Art Museums, Boats, Rodeo Ranches, Beaches, Castles, and Dinner Theaters.

Here are some event theme ideas: Mediterranean, Carnival, Las Vegas, Caribbean, Murder Mystery, Renaissance, Scavenger Hunts, and Comedy Night

Save Money
Use Online Event Invitations to save time and save money. Your guests will be informed of the event quicker than snail mail and they can respond easily. This method will also help you keep a consolidated guest list from which you can easily print name tags and other event necessities.

Get the Skinny
Consider pairing an event invitation with a survey to get their preferences for music, food, contests etc.

Set up a Timeline
Create a project timeline that arranges tasks by priority and the dates they should be accomplished. You can also easily send thank you eCards after your event. Go to your event guest list and select to send an eCard to all the people that replied 'yes' to your invitation.

The better you plan and organize your event, the smoother the event will go for you, your boss, and the attendees.

Have fun at your party!

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