Email Marketing - Is CorpNote Effective?

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By Sarah Miller    5/5/2017

Update 4/9/2020: CorpNote 3.0: more tools, more power, more possibilities...

I often get the question 'Is CorpNote Effective?' or 'What is the response rate if I use CorpNote?'

Email Marketing campaigns, whether you use our system or not, are most effective if you follow a few guidelines - which I'll provide in a minute. People use email marketing systems like CorpNote to make their job easier. The response rate is dependent on your audience, how you are reaching them and what you propose in your offer to them.

Here are some email marketing tips to help you regardless of what service you use:

1. Your Email List

For the best success rate and to follow SPAM rules, the people on your email list should have knowingly signed up to receive email from you. They should also have been informed how often you will contact them and for what purpose. If you haven't been doing this, it is never too late to start.

2. Deliver what you promised

If they signed up to receive emails from you for 'Race Car Driving Tips' then that is what you should send them because that is what they are expecting. Make the email meaningful to them and they will save it for future reference or even better -- they will forward your email to someone else who might be interested.

3. Format Matters

A lot of people check their email on mobile devices so you should make sure your beautifully designed email displays well on the majority of devices. Some people may also have the display of images turned off so they won't see your imagery - just the text of the email. If you just have an image and no text your email recipient can't read the email. This may lead them to not only delete your email but they may also unsubscribe from your email list.

To solve this, create email content that is more than just an image and limit your text to the most essential sentences you need to communicate. If you need to communicate more, include a link to 'read more' that goes to a website or blog that has the 'beautiful' extended version. 

Response Rates - if the recipient is expecting to receive email from you (#1 above), and you deliver what you promise (#2) and the email is in a readable format for most devices (#3), then you have a greater chance that your email marketing campaign will be successful.

So here's my answer to the question on whether CorpNote is effective -- CorpNote is a tool to help you accomplish your email marketing goals. Its effectiveness depends on many factors - most of which are within your control.

We've been working with Internet marketing campaigns for over 20 years, so if you are starting an email campaign using CorpNote and are unsure of the best way to accomplish your goals, call us for help. That's what we're here for! Oh -- and we enjoy it too :)

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Sarah Miller president of Set Now Solutions and CorpNote.

Sarah Miller
President, Set Now Solutions and CorpNote

For over 20 years, Sarah has helped small businesses and nonprofits grow their business through email marketing. She specializes in email marketing, website design and SEO.

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