Father's Day eCards and Party Invitations

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By Sarah Miller    6/1/2015

Update 4/9/2020: CorpNote 3.0: more tools, more power, more possibilities...

CorpNote's New Father's Day eCards have arrived and some of our members have shared with us the really creative ways they are using them. Thanks for all your Father's Day tips and suggestions! 

1. eCards to promote Father's Day sales: If you are in retail and you have anything a dad could want, send an eCard or event invitation to all of your contacts letting them know of special Father's Day promotions. You could also send an invitation, with a special discount offer, exclusively inviting Dad's to shop in your online store to get the things they didn't get for Father's Day but they really wanted.

2. Father's Day Parties: This is becoming more and more popular. Whether the Father's Day party is celebrated at home, online, or at a restaurant, people are sending eCard invitations with surveys attached asking people to write a few comments about the Dad being honored at the party. One member is asking for Photos to make a collage for their special Dad. What a great gift!

3. Thank You eCards: Even if someone is not your Father but have treated you like one, send an eCard thanking them for being there for you.

4. Customized Father's Day eCards: Since CorpNote enables you to upload your own eCard photos, artwork or collages, you can get creative! 

5. Grandfather's Celebrate Father's Day too: Without a grandfather, your father wouldn't be here. Don't forget to show the Father's Day love to all Dads this holiday.

6. Thank You eCards if you're a Dad who Received a Gift: Many dads will receive a gift from co-workers, vendors or friends too. You can send an eCard to thank those people for the father's day gifts you receive.

Keep those tips and suggestions coming and have a Wonderful Father's Day!

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