Customer Appreciation = Customer Retention

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By Sarah Miller    2/13/2018

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How to begin a customer appreciation strategy.

A customer appreciation strategy can benefit all businesses and all departments who have contact with customers/clients. It is especially important for small businesses who need to be frugal with budget and time constraints. Keeping existing clients purchasing from you is less expensive and less time consuming than trying to market to new customers.

Your plan doesn't have to be overly complicated or cost a lot and a happy customer can also mean less stress on employees, which makes everyone happy!

So, how can we make customers happy? It takes a little more than just a great product or service because your competitor may have a great product/service too. But, if a customer knows they get unparalleled customer support or other meaningful benefits from your company, they will think of you when it's time to make their next purchase. Even better, they will also recommend your company to others!

If you don't have a customer appreciation strategy then where should you begin? One of the best ways to get ideas is from your employees. Why not ask them via a simple 2 question survey?

  1. What was your best customer experience and why?
  2. How would you like our company to show appreciation to customers/clients?

The answers you receive can help when you create or add to your customer appreciation plan. Here are some other ideas for making your customers feel special:

Now that you have compiled your ideas, it's time to examine the competition's customer appreciation strategies – not just to emulate them but to make your program even better.

You don't have to treat all your customers the same. As you finalize your plan, you can choose who to include in the various customer appreciation strategies you created. For example, you may have different tiers of customers based on their purchase history or product type.

Want more ideas for starting or improving your company's customer appreciation program?

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