Celebrate Employees & Customers with these Popular eCard Designs

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By Sarah Miller    9/22/2020

Before we jump into the busy holiday season, now is the perfect time to set up or refresh email campaigns that show your appreciation year-round. Check out these popular eCard designs which are perfect for celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries, thanking customers and more.

Birthday Treats

Birthday eCards show appreciation for the people who make your business successful.

Birthday eCard campaigns are an easy way to keep in touch and show appreciation to the people who make your business successful. Best of all, they are one of the easiest email marketing campaigns to personalize and automate.

The cool, whimsical style of this new Birthday eCard is perfect for celebrating with co-workers and friends. It can also be used to celebrate a customer's birthday by providing a 'cool' promo incentive to celebrate their special day.

A Festive Celebration of Milestones

Anniversary eCards celebrate subscriber sign ups, first-purchase anniversaries and more.

This anniversary eCard was designed specifically for wedding and work anniversaries but anniversary eCards can be used for other celebrations too. They can celebrate a special date or occasion such as subscriber sign up anniversaries, first-purchase anniversaries and more.

For example, nonprofit organizations can use anniversary eCards to celebrate volunteer/donor anniversaries and to thank them for their years of service to their organization.

Holiday Party Invitations that Sparkle

Invitations provide an easy way to deliver and gather your event responses online.

Whether your holiday event is virtual or in-person this year, this popular invitation provides an easy way to deliver and gather your event responses online.

This invitation is based on a New Year's eCard we created last year. It was so popular that we got several requests to make the design into an invitation and a birthday eCard. So don't be shy - if you have requests - let us know!

Traditional Designs Get a Digital Upgrade

Survey eCards can be used to help plan your next steps.

When one of our lead designers presented this trendy new eCard design with a marble background and Hollywood 'glam' feel, I couldn't resist asking for it to be added for several of our popular eCard categories.

You can find the eCard shown here in our 'surveys' category. It's also available as a birthday eCard, an invitation, and as a reminder eCard.

Art Deco Never Goes out of Style

Traditional greeting card styles get an upgrade when they become eCards.

It's been 100 years since art deco made its way onto the scene. It began in approximately 1920 and remains a classic, elegant style that's always popular.

The artist who designed this eCard line successfully recreates the traditional art deco greeting card style (even down to the gold foil embellishment) into an elegant digital version. It is also available in these categories: birthday, invitations, congratulations, welcome and reminders.

Retro Metallic Makes a Comeback

This new anniversary eCardwas just added today.

I love the retro feel of this new anniversary eCard and it's already becoming popular for work anniversaries, first-purchase anniversaries and more.

I've enjoyed sharing some of our new eCard designs with you and I hope I have inspired you to set up or refresh email campaigns that show your appreciation for employees and customers year-round.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

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