Automated Email Campaigns You Can Do Today

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By Sarah Miller    6/30/2020

Email automation can reduce tedious tasks and give you more time to build your business or connect with your employees.

Best of all - setting up automated email campaigns is easy and helps ensure you are delivering the right message at the right time.

Automated email campaign ideas you can use today.

The 4 Basic Types of Email Campaigns

Birthday Email Campaigns

Birthday eCards are a staple in many email marketing campaigns and employee recognition programs. Here are some birthday email campaign ideas to power up your game:

  • For Customers: coupons and giveaways are always a great idea. But what if you don't sell a product or service or can't give a discount? Consider providing a link to a free guide, top 10 tip list, eBook, webinar or anything of value you can give to someone on their special day.
  • For Employees: send an eCard with details on a special gift they are receiving or give them the day off for their birthday.
  • For Volunteers and Donors: while acknowledging their special day, you can also thank them for their contribution and how it truly has made a difference to your organization.
Birthday email campaigns can include birthday eCards, birthday sales promotions or giveaways.

Anniversary Email Campaigns

Anniversary eCards are another staple in email marketing campaigns and employee recognition programs. Customer anniversaries can be celebrated on the first date they did business with you or your own business's anniversary. With CorpNote, your contact's anniversary date or start date can be the trigger to send the email.

Anniversary eCards can be used in email marketing campaigns or for employee recognition.
  • For Customers: coupons and freebies work great here too.
  • For Employees on their employment anniversary: highlight an employee's accomplishments and send it to the employee or to your team. You can also include memorable photos to highlight the accomplishments.
  • For Volunteers and Donors: you can use the anniversary of their donation or the first event they volunteered for and thank them for their efforts that made a difference. You could also include an overall summary of what your organization has accomplished in the past year as a result of volunteer and donor contributions. It may prompt them to volunteer or donate again.

Holiday Email Campaigns

Many companies and organizations send Season's Greetings and New Year's holiday eCards. You can also schedule other holiday email campaigns to send sales flyers, promotions, travel tips and more. Consider what you can provide as a coupon or give-away. The more touch points with your customers and employees the better!

  • For Customers: sales flyers and coupons can provide an incentive to buy from you. If you don't sell a product or service, you can provide holiday shopping or travel tips, hot drink recipes or anything else that is a fun way to engage with your customers.
  • For Employees: highlight your organizations accomplishments in the past year with the support of your employees and include engaging photos to highlight the accomplishments.
  • For Volunteers and Donors: highlight your organizations accomplishments in the past year with the support of volunteer and donor contributions and your goals for the coming year.
Holiday eCard email campaigns can include a seasons greeting message, coupon or highlights of your organization's accomplishments.

Automated Email Using Interval Email Campaigns:

How to Prepare Your Email Campaign

Segment Your Email Lists:

For the best engagement with your contacts, you should segment your contacts into different email lists. This helps you provide highly personalized content for each person on your email list.

Automated email campaigns can be sent to new email list subscribers to welcome them or to build excitement for an event.
  • Email List Subscribers: when people sign up, add them to this email list. If you have several different email lists they can sign up for, you can further segment your email list to give them the content they asked for. For example, some subscribers signed up for your email newsletter and other subscribers signed up to receive promotions and some subscribers signed up for both of these types of emails.
  • Customers Email List: add all of your customers to one email list or further segment them into types of customers such as new customers, VIP clients, or by what product or service they purchased etc.
  • Employees Email List: add all of your employees to one email list or further segment them by job type or location.

Create Your Email Templates:

Email automation can be used with eCards, email newsletters, coupons and email notices to fit a wide range of email campaign needs. Templates can be sent randomly or in a specific order and interval campaigns can be set to stop or to repeat when all templates have been received.

Set Up Your Email Campaign:

With CorpNote, you have lots of options for how you can set up your email campaigns and we've recently added some new capabilities.

Check out our new tutorials for how to set up Automated Email Campaigns

thumb_up BONUS TIP:

Explore what your competitors are doing with their email marketing campaigns and save your favorite emails from any other business to which you subscribe. What are they doing that you like and can apply to your own email marketing campaigns?

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