New Email Automation Features & Updates

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By Sarah Miller    7/28/2021

Email automation features and updates for email campaigns

To get started using the new features, see the quick overview below. For more detailed instructions, check out our tutorials which have all been updated. You can also request a demo tailored to your specific needs.


Streamlined Email Design Tools

The email compose screen has been completely re-designed to let you work more efficiently on desktop and mobile.

All the design tools you use the most are now more accessible, making it a breeze to quickly create and send your emails.

Simplified email design editor with email automation tools.
Personalize your email designs with email automation for autofill name.

Personalize your Emails with Autofill Name & Company

Now you can auto-insert a person's first name, full name, and company name anywhere in your email message.

The 'Autofill Name' feature uses the information from your address book, and can use alternate text for contacts not in your address book.


Quickly Link to Invitations & Surveys

Now you can easily make any text or image a link to an invitation or survey.

Each email can have multiple links to the same invitation or survey and you can quickly change all links at once if you select a new invitation or survey. This is especially efficient if you are using email templates.

Insert event RSVP and surveys anywhere in your email design.
Personalized subject lines & preheaders can help your open rate.

Get Better Open Rates with Personalized Subject Lines & Preheaders

Now you can auto-insert a contact's name and company in your email's subject line & preheader text!

You can also specify the alternative text to use for contacts not in your address book. Try it today!


Enhanced Pickup Stats for Automated Email Campaigns

For each of your automated email campaigns you can now see the total number of emails sent, the average open rate and view all related emails.

You can use these stats to fine tune future email campaigns and ensure that your messages are being seen.

Optimize automated email campaigns with new reporting tools

We hope you enjoy all of the new features and updates! Make sure you're signed up for our email newsletter so you'll be the first to know when we post our next feature release.

For more detailed instructions, visit our tutorials, schedule a demo or give us a call. We are always happy to help!

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